Larry The Third[edit | edit source]

Larry The Third is an alternate version of Larry Jr which attacks by swinging it’s tail, which is long and spiky, at the player. It can also slam it on the ground to make some debris such as rocks, poop, and even a couple of bombs appear from the ceiling, with shadows to indicate that they’re coming, of course. Other that’s that, it can also summon buttlickers occasionally, and has the same movement patterns as Larry Jr otherwise. It has 1.5 times the health of a single Larry Jr.

The Guardian[edit | edit source]

  • 280 Hp.
  • Attacks (Brimstone, homing shots, chases you, summons a void that spawns random enemies from the basement, hands chase the player exploding on contact on anything{deals 15 dmg to Guardian if touched}
  • Appears in: The caves and The Depths

GEMINI 2 (BY ELIJAHDOESYT)[edit | edit source]

Gemini 2.png

  • appears in the womb/utero
  • baby gemeni (I named him fred)

shoots brimstone lasers out of all

four sides.

  • has 400 hp
  • 10% faster (the big one)
  • drops moms contacts/mini mush

‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎ .

Daddy Gurd (by Aralaslan)[edit | edit source]

  • Posthomus version of Mama Gurdy.
  • Has 750 HP.
  • Has four new attacks (Brimstone Doors, Techology Eye, Crushing Objects, Puking Blood)

That boss appears in Utero/Scarred Womb. 

Titia (by dusk-division)[edit | edit source]

Titia is a very large boss that also has high health. he replaces apperes in the dark room as a boss very rarely

his attacks: In his first form he summons clotty, clott, and I. blobs (uncommon)

and shoots a brimstone laser in a random direction. When his HP is at 1250 he summons 1 to 2 peeps

and 1 to 3 the haunts, he still shoots brimstone lasers. At 1200 HP he shoots 3 scythes that after 1 a short amount of time will stop and stay there. at 750 hp he will rise up rocks that you must get to and stand on and then the whole floor gets blood on it for 5 seconds, then the the rocks fall (note you can fall off of rocks)

at 500 hp he summons krampus. and shoots blood tears like the "it lives" boss. it does this for the rest of the fight. when killed he will spawn Isaac, blue baby, mom, and satan 1 time.

drops:[edit | edit source]

Titan tears


peepajoo's controller

  • HP: 1500

Little Ghost[edit | edit source]

Little Ghost is a spirit of a child. Her boss fight is similar to the fight with Mum's Heart, except her attacks do twice the damage. She is found as the final boss of The Basement. When she is out of health, she stares at the screen for 2 seconds and explodes into white liquid as well as Flies

Mereo's Wrath[edit | edit source]

Story:Mereo A Spirit And Guardian Of isaac's Dreams and imaginations

so Pretty Tough Guy

Place:A New Location,In Isaacs Dream Scape

Appearance: Well First Off Mereo's First Form Posses Any Boss Monster In The Game Except Mom And Above Mom

Well Of Course He Does Exactly The Abilities Of That Random Boss

2nd Phase: He Then Moves Out Of The Boss And Show's His True Form

A Spirit Rises. He Has A Gigantic Sycthe In His Hands He Look's Like Death (Not Binding Of Isaac Death)

The Traditional Death The One With The Hood? And Has A Robe Got it? Okay

His Robe Is Ripped In Some Parts And His Face Can Be Shown To Be A Skull Ad Both His eyes Have Scratches Or Scars Downwards

He Has Leather Armor And Some Materials Wrapped Around His Legs And Right arm

he's Like a Death Hunter Just Think Of That

Ways Of attacking:Swings His Sycthe

Throws One Big Bomb

Shoots Out Blood Tears Which Have A Blood Trail Using His Hands.The Blood Trail Does No Damage But It Does Look Cool

You All Know The Traditional brimstone Well He does Do Brimstone But It Bounces

He Summons Any Monster From The Game. Monster Limit:40 (What? Ultra Greed Does This Much Monsters Too) Then After All Those Monsters Are Dead. Shadow Versions Of Mereo Start Forming But Don't Worry They are Weaker Versions

He Uses His Sycthe To Crack The Floor Seconds Later The Cracks Make Magma Rise Up

His Spins Around With The Sharp Thing A.K.A Sycthe

Throw's The Damned Thing like a boomerang

Charges With The Sycthe Head Front

A Fire Storm No A METEOR Storm Starts Showering Down Isaac


Damage:One Whole Heart Of Damage

Health:Damage Multipliers Are Not Useful In This Fight Smiliar To Hushes SO Its About Around Hushes Health But 2X More Larger

Then Ending XX Starts Playing

In This Ending Isaac Is Found At The Top Of Mereo's He Then Takes His Amulet Then Breaks His Dreams

He Then Finds Himself Actually Just Daydreaming But Then Reality Breaks apart All Of It Was't A Dream At All He Then Finds Himself At Eden

All Alone In The Apocalypse Then He Flash Backs

He Then Finds Guppy He Uses The Amulet On Guppy

Guppy's Eyes Glow Then Isaac Finds A Key The Key Sticks To The Amulet The Teleport Who Knows What

Vanguard[edit | edit source]


Vanguard is a boss after you have beaten Little Ghost 10 times.

Battle[edit | edit source]

  • Vanguard will hop around the room throwing Headbangers or Bombs everywhere.
    • The headbangers will follow the layer until they walk into a wall. The bombs will stay fixed to the ground.
  • After 75% of Vanguard's HP is left, it's head will come apart from its body and acts like Mini Steven.

Scary McLemons[edit | edit source]

A living football that can do many supernatural things.

John[edit | edit source]

Principal Article: John

Defiler[edit | edit source]

The defiler is a boss after you have beaten Gurdy 5 times, His normal attacks are shooting projectiles simular it Peep's. He appears from the Caves to Sheol.

Defiler.png This is probably the worst @#!$%##_ing drawing I've seen in history.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Jumps around the room, shooting 10 projectiles.
  • Summons 2-4 Globins or Trites
  • Shoots IPECAC in a 4 way pattern
  • Charges at the player, dealing 1 heart of damage.

Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Cat'o nine tails
  • Forever Alone
  • The Virus (Rarely)

Fatty[edit | edit source]


He can be found in Necropolis. He is massive in size as well as HP.

Attacks:[edit | edit source]

He chases Isaac very slowly.

Sometimes shoots Brimstone beams vertically and horizontally.

Sometimes spawns Trites and Bloated Flies.

Upon going down 33% HP he grows In size and speed as well as being more likely to peform his attacks.

Essence of Sin[edit | edit source]

A alternative of Mom's Heart found in first floor of The End. It looks like mom's heart, except with all seven of the sin's fused together on it (They are all attached to greed, who is holding them up with a noose around his neck). You fight through the seven phases. Each phase with one of the sins disappearing.

Phase one, 7/7-6/7: Sloth fires 3 poison bombs at a time at Isaac. He then throws up in a circle leaving green creep except for the center. Repeat. Sloth then falls off with 25% health and you have to defeat him while the next phase starts.

Phase two 6/7 to 5/7: Lust is connected to pride with an umbilical cord. She drops down and spreads creep wherever she walks. She then pulls herself back up and throws syringes at you. Repeat. Lust drops with 25% health and you have to defeat her while the next phase starts. 

Phase 3 5/7 to 4/7: Pride shoots x lazers and + lazers alternating. An occasional troll bomb appears. He drops with 25% health and you fight him while next phase starts.

Phase 4 4/7 to 2/7: Gluttony shoot's a continuous lazer at you while firing a 8 projectile peep shot. Repeat. He drops and blahblahblah.

Phase 5. 2/7 Wrath just explodes. Joke phase.

Phase 6 2/7 to 1/7. Envy shoots little heads at you. Blahblahblah rinse and repeat

Phase 7 1/7 to 1/14 Greed drops greed heads around the arena. When the boss reaches 1/14 health, the starts grabbing the noose and makes choking sounds. His health starts dropping on his own, and he dies.

ZangiefB: Sorry I didn't mention this, but the End has only 1 floor.

Little Issac[edit | edit source]

This boss only appears if the player has over 200 deaths in the game.

Found in first floor of The End

Appears in Hell (Or whatever floor is after Sheol, I'm sure someone has a fan idea)

Looks like dead isaac corpses strung together in a similar fasion to Little Horn from smb.

He is standing in a chasm that takes up the top half of the room, so you have to move in the bottom.

Little Isaac has 3 attacks. His first is he smashes his fist down on either the left or right part of the room. He then sweeps to the opposite side. Only the furthest row of tiles are safe from the attack.

His second attack is a slam attack. He slam's his arms down and lifts them. This attack spawns 4-6 of any humanoid enemy that looks similar to isaac.

His last attack is a head smash. He slams his head down covering all but two rows to the furthest from the center. This attack leaves fire tiles.

If you wanted to have an alternative boss to this one, you could make it little horn from smb. It's moveset has not been thunk yet.

Eye of Anubis Jr.[edit | edit source]

A regular enemy spawned if Eye of Anubis is going to be the boss of that area. there is a 1-20% chance (chance increases when going deeper) to drop the polaroid as a pickup. a group of 10 Eye of Anubis Jr. appears as a miniboss in Sheol, Womb, Cathedral, and The Chest.

God[edit | edit source]

God is a boss located only in Heaven 2, and is the only boss there.

Phase 1: God will look like Isaac but with angel wings and gray hair, God will shoot white tears and white beams without warning. The music in this phase is "Carmeaty Burana" from super meat boy. only with more choirs.

Phase 2: God will shoot constant lightning bolts at Isaac. and also spawn 4-5 white troll bombs near Isaac. If Isaac doesn't beat him before the clouds turn grey, phase 3 begins.

Phase 3: God will grow gigantic,starting a mom type boss fight. but can still spawn troll bombs. when killed,there is a 30% chance that phase 4 will begin.

Phase 4 (optional): God will go back to his normal size. "Carmeaty Burana" will stop playing and "Escape!" from Super Meat Boy will play and a time limit will appear on the top of the screen. the time is 2 minutes. and God will spawn more lightning bolts and the background is a sky when going way down. If Isaac doesn't kill God in time, Isaac will die instantly. and the message will say that the player was killed by a crack instead of God.

Skinwalker[edit | edit source]

Skinwalker starts as a wolf in the middle of the room shoting red tears and chaseing Issac with max speed for 2 seconds when he reaches 50% health he will turn human and start shooting black brimstone tears in the cardnal directions and will turn into any boss except Mom, Isaac, ???, Mom's Heart, or Satan. when he dies he drops any devil or angel room item. the song playing will be 'Helpless' by Gothic Storm.

Kid Devilson[edit | edit source]

Actually, this is Vlad Cronqvist in boss form. It starts similar to the Isaac/??? battle, albeit, much weaker. Rather than using psychic tears or normal tears, he shoots Charm of the Vampire tears. He also occasionally summons Death, instead of several Angel Babies. The music will change once he reaches his second form, where he suddenly grows taller than Isaac, and changes his moveset, something similar to Castlevania Dracula.

Here, he will teleport, shoot triple tear shots at you or shoot a bomb and a delayed bomb, or even use "He is Coming" on you. Death still occasionally appears, to say hello, by cutting you open with his scythes.

Finally, after draining his healthbar once more, he changes into a form resembling Dracula's giant demon bat form the intro in Symphony of the Night. He jumps, similar to Monstro, and can either shoot Blood-Beams at one of the cardinal directions (which ever direction you are near him), shoot massive blood-tears, or make a massive leap and do a more localized version of He is Coming.

Theme 1: Crusade

Theme 2: Maybe a theme inspired by, but not exactly Dance of Illusions?

Uboa[edit | edit source]

Uboa is from the game Yume Nikki and is an alternate of Monstro II,he looks the same as from the game and when you start the fight you will see Poniko saying "Well, it was good to at least see you" then the battle begins

Form 1[edit | edit source]

Uboa will fire Brimstone lasers from his eyes and shoot spiders at you, he will not jump on you but Uboa will move without an animation though.

Form 2[edit | edit source]

Uboa will become a shadow and re-appear with his eyes bleeding and with his mouth gone, he wil now fire brimstone lasers at you more frequently and shoot homing blood tears at you till he dies.

Form 3,the final form[edit | edit source]

Uboa says "You are strong, but I won't let you live!" and then the final battle starts, Uboa has Poniko's face and a hand in wich he holds a knife similar to the sacrificial dagger,he can:

-Summon's 1 invincible skeleton. (Poniko's skeleton)

-Teleports randomly and leaves a creep that has Uboa's face and slows and hurts you(making him really dificult)

-Summon's 2 troll bombs (both at him and you)

-Throwing the knife at you.

-Shooting blood tears.

When you kill him you hear him saying "!" then he dies exploding. :D


-Uboa's Soul (in production)

-Poniko's Memory (also in production)

-My Little Demon

Jack Frost[edit | edit source]

Looks like Isaac, except is blue and has ice for hair. Found anywhere except Depths/Womb 2, Sheol, Cathedral. unlocked by using ???: The Cold 10 times(fan made Tarot card). By Anonymous


-Tries to hit you with blue tears that slow and do 1/2 a heart of damage

-Makes a Loki-esque pose, then shoots 8 ice tears

-On 50% health, charges you like Gemini while leaning blue creep that slows you down.

-On 5% Health, he will shoot blue Brimstone lasers at you, and will stop charging.

He drops the Soulless Winter passivated item(see Fan Made/Pickups)and 2 soul hearts. Also has a chance to drop The Polaroid for Wrath of the Lamb(10% chance).

The Slenderman[edit | edit source]

The Slenderman is more or less Isaac´s fears all rolled into one. The music played is the Super Smash Bros Brawl remix of Snowman from Earthbound.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]


  • Crush you with his long limbs.
  • Teleport from time to time.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Slenderman grows HUGE and gets tons of tentacles around his head.

  • He will try to hit you with his tentacles causing 1 heart of damage. If he hits you, a mask will spawn that the duke of masks spawns and will try to kill you. the mask has more hp than usual.
  • He will shoot a brimmstone from one of his tentacles and will rotate where you walk to when it is firing the laser.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

Slenderman's tentacles stick to the ceiling

Will spawn Depths - womb bosses and when he spawns them he rises to the ceiling, unable to get hit. You must kill the boss to access hitting him.

Just like Mom's Heart, at one third of health left, it will stay down but instead of firing bombs, it will spawn bosses just like he usually does, but will stay down. He dies like Mom's Heart does, exploding and blood pours down from the walls. Then a tiny slenderman comes and starts beating you up. The hits do no damage. when you hit him once with anything, he dies instantly. He dies just like The Mask of Infamy's mask does, faces the screen and blows up.

Drops[edit | edit source]

Slenderman will always drop the Slender figure.

The slender figure item allows Isaac to have a max speed stat but lower health. Also grants the power to smash rocks.

Unlock[edit | edit source]

Defeating The Slenderman with ??? will unlock Zalgo.

No Face[edit | edit source]

It is a odd spirit, it seems to be strongly linked with Isaac's emotions.

It can replaces any boss from The Basement to The Depths but Mom. In its [1] Worm's Hole in Cavesbattle there will be Worm's Holes in corners of the room that summon Maggots every time and can't be stopped until No Face is completely defeated.

First Mode[edit | edit source]

In this form No Face will slowly chase you and won't do anything besides this, however it has a great health and the Maggots can annoy you.

When its health reaches to zero it will change form and health will be filled again.

Second Mode[edit | edit source]


Now No maicra will chase very aggressively like Lust.

In this form it can shoots black drops that slow you like those from Gish.

No Face besides chase you will try to eat the Maggots, if you can't manage to kill it before it eats enough Maggots it will change to the third and final form.

If No Face is killed in this form it will drop a normal boss item.

[3]No Face Second Mode BattleAdded by Colddyshadow

Third Mode[edit | edit source]


No Face reaches its final form by the gluttony's corruption. It will walk in the room and charge in your directions like Chub. It can summons Baby, can also shoots black explosives projectiles that leave slowing puddles and a fast bloody tear that steals money like those from Greed.

When finally defeated it drops theFoolish Gold.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is based on No Face from Studio Ghibli's movie Spirited Away.
  • While in First Mode No Face tries to be Isaac's friend, however it being constantly rejected and goes mad (Second Mode).
  • Third Mode is a reflex from Isaac's sins.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

Destruction is a pitch black horseman with 3 eyes, huge brimston horns which go down it's head like hair except rougher and a crimson pony. Destruction can only be found in Limbo 1.

Phase 1: Destruction will roar and cause troll bombs to rain everywhere and occasionly drops 4 mega troll bombs under him. He will then dash towards you and repeat.

Phase 2: Once down to half health he will turn bigger and start shooting tears and blood beams at you (with the occasional mega troll bomb)

Phase 3: When he dies Destruction will fly up into the sky and leave you with a present. 6 MEGA TROLL BOMBS.

Destruction will drop the the mark which increases damage by II. It's more of a good luck than a parting present.

NOTE TO THE CREATOR: in the bible there are 5 horseman of the apoc,since binding of isaac is based upon christian religion, i dont think it will make it.

NOTE TO ^^^: Pestilence is not actually part of the Bible though, just a Horseman brought through popular culture.

Catalyst[edit | edit source]

Catalyst is a gigantic worm like scolex except pitch black and twice as long. He has 4 eyes and brimstone horns. At the end of his tail is a triachnid pinsir that's closed. Catalyst is only found in limbo 1.

Phase 1: Catalyst goes around like scolex except he's invincible. When he pops out of the ground he can pop out with his head or tail. If it's his head he'll fire 2 brimstone lasers at you. If it's his tail he'll be vunerable but he'll be stomping at you with a triachnid leg.

Phase 2:3 more doors will appear and Catalyst will initiate a mom-type boss fight. He will pop out either his head out of a door to shoot a laser or he will put out his tail to hit you with his vunerable triachnid leg.

Phase 3: Once killed he will explode into a tear rain that can hurt you.

Catalyst will drop the pact which gives you soul hearts and tears up. It's more of a good luck than a parting present.

Eye of Anubis[edit | edit source]

[5] The Eye of Anubis is a rare boss found within the Catacombs. It is the manifestation of Isaac's fear of being judged by the eyes of others. It is unlocked by beating all the bosses in the Catacombs.

Vs. Image

Attacks[edit | edit source]

-The Eye of Anubis always starts off with a single blink, sending a salvo of 5 bullets towards the bottom of the screen.

-It can use its arm, made of tears of blood, to charge towards Isaac. If it slams into a wall, a dual Brimstone laser fires along the face of the wall.

-In addition, it may scrape its blood arm along the floor, causing a stream of arching blood (similar to Monstro's attack) to fly towards Isaac. Doing this makes it lose its arm, in which it will repeat its first attack until the arm comes back.

Champion Forms[edit | edit source]

Pitch Black: Spawns with a clone, both smaller and faster. One will repeatedly charge at you while the other will focus on salvo shots. Neither will scrape their arms on the ground.

Green: Does not shoot a salvo of bullets. Instead, it hurls vomit bombs whenever it blinks. Scraping its arm on the ground creates multiple vomit bombs instead of arching blood. Charging leaves behind vomit creep but has no dual laser upon impact.

Purple: Larger, slower, and has about 25% more health. Shoots two homing shots instead of a salvo of bullets. Charging into a wall creates three purple-tinted brimstone lasers, the original two and a third going behind it.

Drops[edit | edit source]

The Eye of Anubis has a chance of spawning an eye-based item upon defeat, including:

  • The Inner Eye
  • Mom's Contacts (If unlocked first)
  • Mom's Eye
  • The Peeper
  • Polyphemus

The Queen[edit | edit source]

[6]i tryed but i failed XDAdded by Toddy111

unlocked by killing the carrion queen and chub in one playthrough

encountered in the catacombs or higher Its appearance is that of a termite queen but instead it has blood leaking out of its pores. it has the same behaviour as chub but it will spawn buttlickers, chargers,spities,maggots and rarely sloth. if this boss is a pink champion it will spawn 4 segment larry jr,s and a half chub that cant spawn enemies. it drops a special familiar that makes maggots appear that attack and gaurds the player from harm

Vs. Screen?

Memory[edit | edit source]

Boss[edit | edit source]

unlocked by beating every boss in the game

encountered in the cellar 2 or higher (doesn't replace specific bosses)

impossible to encounter while holding the forget me now

increase chance of encountering when holding the polaroid


starts out as a difficult version of any boss from the basement

once killed morphs into a different boss of increasing difficulty

continues morphing into more advanced bosses

once it reaches the final boss (not including specific bosses such as mom, moms heart/it lives, satan, Isaac, ???)

Morphs into three random bosses at the same time


as Memory is a long and difficult boss, two items are given. First being a normal new item, the second is an item already given, that doesn't"t have tear effects. The second item is referred to as being 'second' (Ex. Lunch, moms "second" panty)


Fighting Memory unlocks the chest automatically (you don"t need to hold the Polaroid)

holding the polaroid while fighting the boss gives you the "the escape" achievement, and the paper clip (automatically has all normal doors already open, allowing you to leave a room mid-fight without placing a bomb) paperclip (trinket) is meant as a speedrun helper. It also unlocks "Absolute-Zero", and the "frozen in time" achievement. Absolute zero lets you leave a room and come back exactly how it was before. More common when you have more bombs, epic fetus, a fetus in a jar, ipecac, and/or the paperclip.

Nikolas[edit | edit source]

Randomly encountered in angel room (10%)

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Red overshirt, white cassock, iron chains around wrists, white hair, balding w/ beard, staff in hand

Info/Patterns[edit | edit source]

Twice health as krampus

End of staff hits ground, proc 8 way Pride laser

Reach into cassock, throws out 4 trololololol bombs

Raise staff, activate shield simmilar to book of shadows, unleash a flury of homing tears in porportion to damage taken in 8 seconds.

Drop[edit | edit source]

When defeated, gives player the deliverance, gift box, spawns a troll bomb in every new room w/ enemies

Eve[edit | edit source]

Eve is a character you play as, she replaces Satan in sheol when you beat him 10 times, she has a death metal version of Enmity of Dark Lord

1st phase[edit | edit source]

-crying in fetil position

-shoots regular small tears, taking 1/2 of a heart

2nd phase[edit | edit source]

-Dead bird comes out and chases Isaac

-Shoots bigger tears


3rd phase[edit | edit source]

-turns into the whore of babylon

-dead bird still chasing isaac

-Blood tears move in all directions

-chases Isaac

-every hit takes a full heart

The Reflection[edit | edit source]

Unlocked[edit | edit source]

By getting my reflection 5 times

1st phase[edit | edit source]

-looks like Isaac, but with the same upgrades you have

-Shoots the tears you have in 1 direction towards you

2nd phase[edit | edit source]

-Turns into 2 Isaacs with half the stuff you have in each

-Shoots same tears you have in 4 directions of a + or x

-Summons Mimic maws

3rd phase[edit | edit source]

-Turns into tiny Isaacs, with perks you have, but shattered (ex. one Isaac will have blood lust, but another will have tech)

-Shoots tears in all directions

-Summons Fetuses

-Chases you

Rare phase[edit | edit source]

Combines back into one, but extremely cracked

Chases you really fast

Shoots tears in all directions 4 times

Dad[edit | edit source]

found in The Garage II (Unlocked by defeating Mom 100 times)

Stage 1 [100% - 50% health]

-Dad's leg is attacking( hairy, muscular and has a commando boot on)

- Stomps where Isaac is at the current moment, similar to Mom but faster

- Spawns bombs around the room

- Drops Cigarette butts on the floor that stay for 5 seconds

Stage 2 [49% - 0% health]

- Dad's arm is attacking (Hairy, veiny, and musculare)

- Dad punches though a random wall towards where Isaac is Currently standing (Cracks on the wall will appear where he is about to come though)

- Dad snuffs out his cigarette on the floor leaving a fire that must be destroyed by shooting it with tears

- Dad reaches his arm though one vertical and one horizontal enterance

Defeating Dad unlocks the acheivement "Orphan" makes "The Will" appear in the basement and unlocks the secret "Dad's Trunk is open!" meaning that the Dad item set will appear in the basement

KAOS?[edit | edit source]

KAOS? is the space alt of the chest boss his fight works like this [7]Added by Tracotaper

Form 1[edit | edit source]

KAOS? is a pair of fast moving red eyes and teeth that summons champion enemies.

KAOS? can shoot 2 homing shots and charge at you.

Form 2[edit | edit source]

Once he reaches 50% health KAOS? will turn in to a serphant.

KAOS? can summon champion bosses,spit poison , fire 4 homing shots, fire brimstone lasers and fire 8 blood tears.

Form 3[edit | edit source]

Once the second form reaches 0% health KAOS? fades away.. and then a giant orb with a eye that shoots blood out of the center of the room, KAOS? can fire 6 homing shots, shoot 4 beams of brimstone at the same time, send a gaint foot to stomp you and fire a 2 second charging instakill beam once he reaches 0% health KAOS?implodes and a large red chest appears in the center of the room when you open it a new ending will appear.

The Minotaur[edit | edit source]

The Minotaur is a boss unlocked by killing Lust 20 times.He can be encountered in the depths and necropolis. He is a minotaur with chains at his wrists and blood at his body and horns.


1st phase(is until 66% health)

-Chases the player tirelessly at high speed

-Leaves creep behind him

2nd phase(below 66% health)

-Uses his horn as a weapon, throwing it with homing shots

-Blood Beams in 10 directions every 3 seconds

3rd phase(below 33% health)

-Summons a brain and a gut every 5 seconds

-Starts shooting blood,randomly shoots brimstone shots in + direction

-Starts spitting blood at the player

The Forgotten[edit | edit source]

[8]The forgotten phasesAdded by Thespartzter

-By Spartz117 {C}The Forgotten is a boss rarely found in any level, exept Sheol, or Broken Chapel

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

-Races towards player

-Shoots blood tears in 1 direction towards player

-Does the nail sounds when going faster

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

-Grows wings

-Does nail sounds

-Goes faster

-Shoots blood tears in 3 directions

Final phase[edit | edit source]

-Looks like the nail + the mark + the pact combined

-Shoots blood tears in all directions

-Turns into 3 1st phases for 15 seconds

-Follows player

-Breaks through obsticles

-Doesn't get fooled by the dummy -Goes out of the screen for 5 seconds summoning a dark version of crack the sky

Champions[edit | edit source]

Blue-Stronger Pink-Faster, smaller, and does high pitched Nail sounds Red-Replaces blood projectiles with bombs

Drops[edit | edit source]

-It drops any of the sin items

-Rarely the rusty nail, turning you into the forgotten

The Priest[edit | edit source]

The Priest is a boss that can be unlocked bygoing in 10 libraries, he can be encountered in the Library (Level alt. of the broken Chapel) he looks like Isaac, but with a robe.

1st phase

-Shoots tears

-Summons a random basic monster

2nd phase

-Randomly uses Book of shadows

-Uses Book of belail randomly, making him strong for 10 seconds

-Uses Homing tears

3rd phase

-Uses Bible, causing him to have wings

-Summons Mini bosses

-Shoots Homing tears in 8 directons

4th phase

-Uses random books (besides Necronomicon)

-Does ghast sounds from Minecraft when charging towards player

-Is really fast

5th (rare) phase

-Uses Necronomicon

-Uses Telepathy for dummies

-Has Ouija Board face

-Summons bosses Goliath Goliath would be the alternate boss to mom that will replace her after defeating mom with David.

Goliath would have similar attacks to mom but they would do more damage, he could use the foot stomp, punch through holes in the walls, sometimes poke his eye out and he would only spawn champion enemies. When he is defeated you unlock the active item: Goliath smash! Which when used defeats any enemies in the room in one hit or take the boss down to half health (excluding mom, Goliath, moms heart, it lives, Isaac, triachnid, ??? And Satan) It would be the only item that will recharge when entering a new floor but have only one use per floor.

Mr. Minos[edit | edit source]

By: BloodthirstyCZ [9]YEAH, its him! MR. MINOS by BloodthirstyCZ!Added by BloodthirstyCZ===Discription===

Small guy, looking like isaac. He has gray skin and big burning horns with attached chains stretching his mouth and eyes, making him horribly smiling. Can be found in depths and necropolis, rarely in caves or catacombs. He has ability to control fire. Inspired by the King Minos, the judge of Hell.

Vs. Screen

Attacks:[edit | edit source]

1. Fast walking around the room and spawning fireplaces behind him. He does not follow the player.

2. Stomping and spawning fireplaces in all 8 directions away from him.

3. Raising his hands and creating 4 fireplaces around the player, if the player still moves, he get damaged.

4. Creating hellfires around himself or in corners of the room, hellfires shoot tears.

5. Spawning burning hoppers (F. hoppers).

6. Limited invisibility for 10 seconds. When invisible, he walks extremly slowly around and he can only attack you by spawning burning hoppers and creating hellfires in corners of the room. Player can't see him.

Other Characteristics:[edit | edit source]

He has lot of HP and only one phase. He is immune to fire and more resistant to bombs. He sounds same as fallen or krampus. When defeated, Minos explodes and drops random boss item, but he has bigger chance to drop Jalapeno or Pandora's crate from item ideas.

[10]This is how his name looks like in battle screen.Added by BloodthirstyCZ

This is how his name looks in battle screen.

[11]Hope this is good.Added by FlashMasterXD==Dr. Fetus==

Dr. Fetus can be found rarely in any level (exept for Utero 2, Womb 2, Sheol, Cathedral, Necropolis 2, or Depths 2) He is the charicter from SMB.


1st phase.

-He shoots reagular bombs in 4 directions

-He can spawn Spike Traps

2nd phase

-He looks mad

-He shoots guided missles

-He summons Saw Blades

3rd phase

-He summons 4 pacers

-He shoots homing missles in 4 directions of a +

-He get's red

-He summons Angel Fetuses

Unlocked by getting Dr. Fetus, Epic Fetus, Mr. Mega, and beat Satan.

He can't be encountered when you have Dr. Fetus, or Epic Fetus.

Whitehead[edit | edit source]

by 00_13

Whitehead would be a boss in the Utero. He is basically a stronger version of Monstro.

-Whitehead spawns four purple shots in all cardinal directions. They are slightly homing.

-The second time Whitehead lands, he spawns four purple shots in all ordinal directions.

- The third time Whitehead lands, he spawns four purple shots in all directions.

-The fourth time Whitehead lands, he spawns a purple creep that damages you on touch.

After being reduced to 25% health, all times he lands before every fourth time, Whitehead spawns four purple shots in all directions.

After killing him, Whitehead drops "Whitehead", which is a giant white pimple on your head that allows you to fire in all cardinal and ordinal directions, basically an upgrade of Loki's Horns. All the projectiles act the same, meaning if you have the Common Cold, all eight projectiles will poison enemies on hit. It can rarely be found anywhere else. If you have the item when you battle Whitehead, he drops Brimstone instead.

To unlock Whitehead, you would have to beat The Womb 30 times or make it through the Cathedral without getting hit once. When you unlock him, you'll get a message saying "Something pimple-like has appeared in the Utero"

Hostile[edit | edit source]

[12]Hostile 1st phase prototype ready. When I get Corel, it will be betterAdded by GarfieldMasterX

- by GarfieldMasterX

I saw that the Depths doesn't have many bosses, so I have an idea for a new Depths boss called Hostile. This boss is made of monsters.

Boss Image

- Mother Brains as feet.

- Maws as hands.

- Vis as body.

- Host as head.

Between Vis and other parts of the body will be some kind of balls like Mr. Maw ones after head attack. Hostile is huge somehow. Every part unless head can be attacked at any moment. In his first form he has that attacks:

- Punch with Maws.

- Make 3 steps with M. Brains while they spread bullets.

- Use body tentacles to make the Vis fire his lazer.

Host didn't attack in the first phase. When the one part is killed, the ties between them disappear. When Vis is killed all the ties are destroyed and the other parts start fighting like they usually do. ( Host still can't be attacked until the death of his partners). When they finally be destroyed the health bar is down to a half and the second phase begins. Host start growing to a Monstro size and has that attacks:

- Open up and fire lazers like The Fallen.

- Open up and fire bullets in a spiral type.

- Fire big lazer in the player direction.

- Spawn 2 Hosts.

He could be encountered in Depths normally like others, unless you have a Book of Sin . (Now the chances are 100%) He drops a spacebar item Hostile Skull which decreases each enemy attack to half a heart. I'm also thinking of Hostile II, but I need to know did you guys like my idea.

Skuller[edit | edit source]

[13]Picture. Crappy work with Paint and Flash, but you guys got the ideaAdded by LucasKabiiby LucasK

The Skuller would be an depths boss and a rare necropolis boss wich sometimes would replace Mask of Infamy. The Skuller is a giant Host with some gray touchs and a angry face, his skull also has some cracks and he has stone hands with blood falling. Him would be unlocked by defeating all bosses that Necropolis and Depths have. (Not including Gish)

Boss Image

- Skuller uses one of hands to try to smash the player, causing half heart of damage if hit and splitting blood in a "+" direction

- Skuller tries to smash the player with all two hands, causing one heart of damage if hits the player, and splitting blood in a direction similar to Peep when he does a small jump (X and + directions)

- Every time that the player aligns directily in north to Skuller, his head opens up and fire a laser similar to Gluttony's

Acheivement Unlocked

- If the player try to align in west, east or south, he will open up and fire blood, a salvo with 5 bullets. But after firing 2 times, he stops for a while

[14]Secret Unlocked! "Necropolis" is Written, but Depths could fit aswellAdded by LucasKabiiTo Beat him:- The primary way of damaging Skuller is attacking his hands when they come down to smash you, Skuller's head can't be damaged in the First phase

- You can also attack him when he's opening his skull to fire blood of a lazer, if so, the tears will do 1.5x more damage to him.

Phase 2

After losing about 60% of health, Skuller's skull will break, making him look like the red hosts, but still with a angry face, his hands will break too

- Skuller now can be damaged on his head anytime, but he will fire various types of bullet salvos including:

- 2 salvos with 4 normal bullets

- 1 salvo with 6 big bullets

- He still can shot his laser

- He now will summom 2 red hosts to help him (each on the sides) or one normal host (in front of him)

After Killing him, he will drop the "Lil Hosty" that attacks enemys firing 4 blood bullets. This item can be found on the item room, but it would be pretty rare. If you defeat Skuller already having the Lil Hosty, Skuller's drop will be a normal boss item.

Caasi[edit | edit source]

By LucasK

[15]It would be like this...but more "Isaac-ish"

Boss Image

Vs. Screen

Caasi (isaaC) would appear as a boss in any floor except for every level after the Womb. (He could appear as a mini boss in Sheol and Cathedral aswell) Caasi is a Entity that has the exact shape and size as Isaac,but inverted colours. Caasi would be unlocked after beating Isaac as Blue Baby.


- Mimic the Player Movements for 10-20 seconds, walk cicle and tears. The time would depend on the current floor you're battling him.

- The Tears that he would mimic would be rightly directed to the player instead of an o [16]Secret Unlocked!Added by LucasKabiipposite direction

- Spawning 2 doples in the Room

- Kick a troll bomb at the player

Caasi would also has a defense system that would make it harder to be hurt by bombs. If you put a bomb in the room, Caasi would place a super troll bomb aswell. So it would be more dangerous trying to damage him using a bomb next to him. Player's Tear's Rate and Strenght would be copied by Caasi, like. If the Player has more than 4 points of attack, Copier attack's would take one whole heart, if less, half a heart. But Caasi's range it's already "maxed".

[17]How about this?Added byZangiefB

[18]This is how caasI looks like right?Added by FlashMasterXD

Caasi's health would be choosed depending on the current floor, like. He would have a lot more health in the Depths than in The Basement. Upon killind Caasi, he would drop the item "Duplicator", that would create a clone of the Player to Mirror his movement and Attacks, the clone would last until the end of the current room, and the item would recharge at every 3 rooms.

Pramkus[edit | edit source]

By LucasK

Boss Image

Pramkus would be a boss that has random chance of appearing in the Angel Room. It would be Krampus's counterpart. He would act as a "guardian" or something like that. Pramkus has the appearance of a White Krampus, with a closed mouth and without the two "backhorns" that Krampus has. He has a halo with sticks around his two horns. Pramkus would fight like this:

- He starts firing much like Krampus does, 3 salvos of (white) bullets, one with 4, other with 5.

- He tries to charge at the player (but not chase) in a high speed, you can predict this when he does a roar. But it's hard to avoid when you has, like, Maggie's base speed.

- Like Krampus, he shoots (blue) lasers, but he can only shoot in two of the cardinal directions when you align with him in one of these

- Last but not least, he can make light beams fall off the sky, much like Isaac's final form

Pramkus would have the exact same health as Krampus. Upon defeat, he would drop The Pebble of Ice (see fan item ideas). Pramkus could drop some pickups aswell:

[19]Added by LucasKabii

- One Spirit Heart

- One full heart

- 3 super troll bombs

- A mostly good pill

- Ultra Rarely, a Eternal Heart

Upon rerolling the Pebble of Ice, it would result in a normal angel room item.

The Shadow[edit | edit source]

By LucasK

The Shadow would be a boss that spawns in the Depths. Shadow would have the appearance of a human wich looks like Isaac is a bit bigger, his body is pitch-black and his eyes are red, but they are closed in the beggining of the Fight

- Shadow can't be attacked directly, when the battle starts, he has the form of a black Shadow in the floor wich moves constantly, if you touch it, you get hurt.

- The Shadow sometimes shoot out black bombs that explode in the Ground, making another Shadow that does not move, if the player touches it, he will get hit too, the created Shadow disappears after 5 seconds.

- After shooting out a bomb, Shadow will rise up the floor as the pitch-black person. He would shoot out 4 or 5 bullets that increase in size as far they travel. Now you can hurt him with tears.

- When he open up his red eyes, a lot of small hostile shadows will spawn in the floor.

- After a while, he will hide again in his Shadow form, then open up after doing the bomb attack.

Larry Stone[edit | edit source]

Larry Stone is a boss: Spawns in the caves: 2 basic attacks:

Vs. Screen

1# Shoots 1-2 bombs at player.

2# Jumps in the air and trys to stomp the player.

[20]This is how he's suppose to look like, right?Added by FlashMasterXD

Very Rare attacks are:

3# Spawn 1-6 Boom Flies.

And on death:

2 hearts and a bomb.

Very Very Rare on death:

Yum Heart and a bomb.

It takes up to 50-75 hits with normal Isaac tears to kill him.

Mega Clotty[edit | edit source]

Mega Clotty is a boss: He will spawn in The Caves and he has 3 basic attacks:

1# Spits 8 blood balls around him.

2# Jumps in the air and land when landed he will shoot out 8 blood balls around him.

3# Spawn a clotty from 1-2.

And a rare attack witch is:

4# Spits 2-4 troll bombs.

on death:

A half heart and a full heart.

Rare drop is:

A key and 2 full hearts

It takes 30-40 hits with normal Isaac tears to kill him.

[21]Bit Lazy, but hope it's any good.Added by FlashMasterXD==Rocket Boy==

Rocket boy is a boss: Rocket boy spawns in the basement he has 4 attacks:

1# Shoots a bomb.

2# Tries to charge at the player.

3# Spawns 1 boom fly

A rare attack is:

4# Spawns 3-4 troll bombs in the room.

On death:

2-4 bombs and a full heart.


1 bomb and 3 full hearts

a rare drop is:

Moms Pad.

it take up to 45-50 hits with normal Isaac tears to kill him

Edit: fail:

(Scroll to the bottom)

Lucifer[edit | edit source]

By Qw3rtypounc3s

Lucifer is the final final boss of the game and is unlocked by defeating ???. After beating ??? a staircase that goes down into the ground will appear. Lucifers level goes in a straight line and is called DOOM. The line of levels will ONLY have bosses/minibosses, no enemys. Once you enter lucifers chamber there will be 2 satan statues and lucifers statue in the center. He will tell you that only Isaac is worthy to beat him and that you must prove you are Isaac. The only way to do this is to (A use the D6 in his chamber or (B Weild the polaroid. Upon doing one of these two, he will grin and spawn 2 krampuses from the statues. Once they are killed he will turn into his giant form and start viciously attacking you. Here are his phase 1 attacks:

Fire blood beams in front left and right.

smash both fists on the ground

spawn a mini fallen

fire 6 bullets

fly off the screen and stomp twice

After that form is killed he will summon black beams(like the holy beams, only unholy) and fly into the air and start STOMPIN'!

Phase 2 attacks:


Firing a black holy beam(unholy beam)

spawn any of the super sins

(Plus he is SUPER fast. If you don't have at least 4 speed ups your stuffed)

Also a bit more oomph in the form of phase 3!!!

Lucifer will turn into a more sized down (a little taller than you) version of himself, and will:

chase you around firing random shots, from freeezing shots to IPECAC shots.

If you are frozen/ slowed down, he will take the time to heal

He will also randomly fire a + blood beam then a x blood beam, then both at the same time

Once that form is killed he will make a LOUD roar of defeat Then fly off screen, at which point a chest will appear.

The cutscene will have Isaac opening the chest and having a holy light burst out of it, and he will smile, have wings and halo, and will fly up to the sky, presumably into heaven. Finito. Pics coming soon! (Lucifer sounds like lucifer from Dante's inferno, only slightly deeper) Could someone please add a picture? If i'm happy with it it stays.

The Puppeteer[edit | edit source]

by Kasimiez

The Puppeteer is a Boss that sometimes appears in the Cellar.

[22]Added by Kasimiez

Vs. Screen

In the first phase of battle you have to destroy the Isaac puppets. The puppets run around aimlessly but if you get to close they suddenly chase after you.

In the second phase of battle the Puppeteer will chase you fast while spinning his head around.The only way to hurt him is shooting him directly in his mouth. After his Mask is broken he will move slowely, while red Orbs spinn around him (they deal a half Heart damage), just shoot him till he is dead. He will drop the Best Friend.

[23]Hope this is good. Obviously for the VS/Battle screen.Added by FlashMasterXD

Comment: May I use this for a mod i'm makin'? plssssssssss =D (humous version of Mask of Infamy)

Demon Isaac[edit | edit source]


A dark version of isaac,his attacks consists in 4 forms

1:Spawns all the 7 deadly sins

2:Spawns the super versions of the 7 deadly sins

3:Spawns every boss in sheol

4:Spawns every horsemen

after 75%of health is dropped down,

he will start chasing the player in a incredible speed (almost imposible to avoid)

and shoot giant flame tears with a high homing level and takes away 2 hearts if touched,

Makeing him

File:Demon Isaac.jpg354px

the hardest boss in the entire game,

He can be found in the Boss Room in Purgatory.

His theme song is a creepy version of "Hot Damed" from Super Meat Boy

After his defeat,a unlock screen apears saying "You unlocked you're evilness!", {C}meaning you unlocked demon isaac as a character.

Nerf it. Nerf it right now. -ZangiefB 20:36, July 13, 2012 (UTC)

Peg[edit | edit source]

Peg is a boss that appears in the Catacombs and rarely in the cellar. He is just like scolex but the weak point on him changes location everytime he jumps out of the ground.

Comment: Is he harder than scolex but you figth him earlier in the game?

Comment: Scolex will get a buff

The Lamb[edit | edit source]

* Written before The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth *

By: ZangiefB

A powerful boss, can only be fought at the fanmade floor "The End". Here are his forms:

Form 1[edit | edit source]

A crying skull with twisted horns lays on a pedstal. Enemies from lower floors slowly but continuously spawn. To make it stop, you have to attack the skull. There is no music at this point.

Form 2[edit | edit source]

After Form 1's health bar is empty, the skull starts glowing white. A few seconds later, the skull floats in the air, and grows a skeletal body. The Lamb will then start chasing the player, shooting blood beams, firing salvo of 5 homing projectiles, and spawning more enemies (and eventually one of the seven deadly sins). During both this and the next phase, fast metal/electronic music with choirs plays.

Form 3[edit | edit source]

The Lamb grows the purple skeletal wings Isaac grows from the trailer. He will then start rapidly spawning enemies, summoning heavenly beams in random places around the room, and shooting white projectiles in all directions.

After defeat, the music stops, light rays come out of his body, and The Lamb yells "ISAAAAC!!!" in a low-pitched voice similar to Satan. Then the screen goes white, and the player is taken into a completely white room with the chest in it. The white room has no name in the corner, and the music as heard in the library plays.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

  • Wings of Retribution (active item) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Isaac: Courage of Isaac (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Cain: Cunning of Cain (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Magdalene: Tenacity of Magdalene (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Judas: Power of Judas (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Samson: Fearlessness of Samson (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by Eve: Corruption of Eve (trinket) (Article needs to be written)
  • Defeated by ???: Enigma of the Blue Baby (trinket) (Article needs to be written)


From left to right: Form 1 (Skull Form), Form 2 (Skeleton Form), Form 3 (Wing Form).

Possible title card icon. (Also, I could use a new one.)

[25] [26]How's this?Added by SuperPlayer15==The Risen==

By Blueplastic

2 Angels that drops holy items(dead dove, Habit, Holy Grail, Holy Water etc.) They share hp (both die at the same time). There's a blue brimstone between them that damages Isaac if touched. They charge like The Fallen, but they also teleport

Joe[edit | edit source]

by tracotaper

joe is the head of isaac atatched to a pole that can shoot spectial tears in 8 dierections. also theres joes body witch is a rotten lvl 5 meatboy that can chase you and shoot icpacae bombs at you. when joe is killed he can drop little joe a fetuse that shoots 4 tears when you shoot.he can be found in catacombs

Dad!![edit | edit source]

By Derpiguyframe|link=

A Boss Found in the depths.


Attack 1: Chases Isaac Then Explodes like a bomb (takes no damage from explosion)

[27]DAD!!Added by Derpiguy

Attack 2: Jumps up high and Drops a fist on Isaac.

Attack 3: Charges Through Anything in his way and leaves a blood trail ( only when health is below 50%)

Attack 4: Basicly tammys head

Attack 5: Spawns 2 Guts

Attack 6: Fires a Pestilence bomb

The Clump[edit | edit source]

[28]Added by ErflyA large Gurdy like boss, the Clump will generally stay still in the top of the boss room and spawn smaller clumps, as these small ones are destroyed the Clump will slowly become smaller. He can also become smaller as he is hit, releasing more smaller ones.

Vs. Screen

The small clumps act like Leeches and charge at the player if in the line of sight.

The clump is made up of roughly 25 small clumps.


GARY[edit | edit source]

[29]Added by Edi1012GARY is an enormous eye that shoots laz0rs!His forms are:

Form 1:[edit | edit source]

You see GARY,he will shoot blood tears at you until you defeat his first form.

Form 2:[edit | edit source]

GARY will start flying and shoot purple tears and charge at you like Death.....but when he is at half of his life he will split in two like Envy!

Form 3:[edit | edit source]

GARY will be nervous and he will become completely red(not pink)so he will fire blood laz0rs andjump on you very very fast so watch out!

Drops: Star of David

Zombie fetus

[30]Added by ShirakoYuri==Him==

"Him" is a new boss that appears in Omega. (see Fan Ideas/Floors and Rooms)

"Him" is actually the true form of Isaac, looking similar to Isaac holding items:The Nail, Lord of the Pit, The Mark. The Mark appears to be black white, though. (His body is dark grey, whereas the Mark would be pitch black)

Battle with Him

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

The battle starts with Him sitting in the middle of the room, with messages appearing in the top of the screen (much like the ones that show up from Fortune Telling Machine. Trying to attack Him will result in nothing.

"You've finally come, my friend."

"You had a long way to go."

"You defeated my minions."

"But it will not be easy anymore!"

And then the actual battle starts.

In the phase 1, He shoots out three salvos of homing bullets - 4,6 and 8, respectively. He also sometimes teleports out of the room and spawns a random Boss. (possibilities include 2 Monstros 2, a pair of Hollows, The Bloat or two Teratomas. He teleports back once the summoned boss/es is/are defeated.

He also occasionally shoots out a blood beam in + pattern.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

When brought down to 75% of HP, will start charging at the player at notably high speed, but taking twice as much damage while doing so. He shoots out blood beams in a + pattern at the end of the charge, accompanied with spawning 4 Kamikaze Leeches.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

When at half of the HP, Him will start shooting violet bombs (in the amount of 3), which home at player. He also teleports around the room randomly. He occassionally shoots out 5-bullet salvos instead. (those do NOT home at the player, though)

Phase 4[edit | edit source]

When His HP drops to the 25%, a message saying "Time to end this!" appears on the top of the screen.

Beams of light (similar to those created by Crack in the Sky) will start to cast, and Him will now shoot at double the maximum rate of fire - the shots are homing and explode, which effectively creates a lot of explosions.

Once player defeats Him, a faint cry will be heard and a message "I'll see you on the other side..." will appear.

Defeating Him with certain characters will unlock an item (open to suggestions).

Request An image of Him for VS screen.

Effectively the demonic Dople, albeit with black Mark (similar to that of Loki).

Mom's Soul![edit | edit source]

Can only be fought in the brain Chamber. Resembles Magdalene with spirit of the night equipped(1st form only)

Phase 1thumb|link=

-shoots green lasers in all 8 directions

-summons a baby

-summons a random boss from the Womb or Utero

Phase 2

-Body vanishes and head grows

-Shoots a blood beam

-summons 3 Gapers

-grows angel wings and attacks with beams of purple thunder

Phase 3

-Spawns 2 monster brains and becomes a giant eye

-summons an eye

-shoots homing blood tears

-Shoots blood beams in all 8 directions

-summons mom's foot, which stomps 3 times

When defeated

-Drops mom's knife

-If you already had mom's knife, drops a random devil room item

-If defeated with ???, Jesus juice will become ???'s starting item

Shiva[edit | edit source]

Replaces Mom after obtaining all the trinkets. She looks similar to Mom, except has blue skin, brown shoes, and 2 phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Shiva. Art by Portulo.


-yells "Isaac!" and summons a dople

-fires a blood beam out of a random wall

-attempts to grab you by jutting her hand out of the wall, similar to Mom

Phase 2

-stops stomping and becomes a blue-skinned magdalene with blood tears and 6 arms

-shoots a blood tear

-shoots blood beams ot of her back

Phase 2 of Shiva. Art by Portulo.

-uses the bible, growing angel wings and summoning 4 troll bombs

-uses the book of belial, getting an attack upgrade for 10 seconds

-summons a baby

When defeated

-Drops the bloody penny

-gives a random familiar

-increases your speed

The Sinner[edit | edit source]

by TheRandomMan

The sinner is a corrupt version of Isaac, with the mark, brimstone and lord of the pit. He leaves a trail of blood that lasts much shorter than the average enemy. He appears as an Fallen alt. in any area (Basement - Womb)

Photo by Portulo.

Form 1

Spawns a random sin, only regular vanilla sins not super sins. While you fight the sin he sits near the door with closed eyes, similar to satan.

Form 2

Spawns several demon versions of dopple, while you fight he begins to charge brimstone and fire at random while hovering about the edges of the room. He will sometimes shoot blood bombs towards you, similar to the headless horseman.

Form 3

Fires brimstone quickly, and shoots more frequent blood bombs. Spawns in bomb leaches. Now moves freely through the room, leaving a harmful blood trail.

"Form" 4

Upon death he flings moms knife at you, similar to death's sythes.


The sinner, being a weaker form of the fallen will drop a damage up (any type) And on occasion drops lord of the pit or brimstone.

Upon first kill he unlocks "The temptation"

A message appears saying "A temptation has appeared on the devils doorstep" With a picture of isaac unlocking a chest with the skeleton key.

I would appriciate it if anyone would like to make pictures for this boss.

Abel's Soul[edit | edit source]

Replaces Satan After beating Isaac with Cain. Has 3 phases and resembles the evil Isaac from ending 12, but with white skin and a thrid eye similar to spoon bender.

Phase 1

-Before the battle begins, a message appears in the top-left corner of the screen saying "Cain, I will have my revenge!" and the battle begins.

-shoots puple homing tears at you

-summons 3 troll bombs

-heals himself

-his head is seperated from his body and shoots blood beams, but only the body takes damage

-flings scythes at you

Phase 2

-Grows angel wings

-flings scythes

-shoots blood tears

-summons a random boss from the basement

-summons a super sin or harbinger

Phase 3

-gets a unicorn horn and a second set of wings

-shoots blood beams

-throws an insta-kill troll bomb

-summons any final boss(1st form only)

-summons a shield of scythes

-charges at you

-summons Satan's foot, which stomps 4 times on the same area

-summons 2 eyes

When defeated

-drops The nail

-gives you soul hearts only

-explodes into 4 scythes

Duke Of Souls[edit | edit source]

Principal Article: Duke Of Souls

FatherTime[edit | edit source]

-By KingMako

Unlocked by using the hourglass on Death while he uses the hourglass on you

Found as a boss in the Necroplis/depths, and (rarely) Catacombs 2 (not caves)

Phase 1 (71-100% health)

-Fires 5 fast bullets at you (70%)

-Fires 15 slow moving bullets in all directions (15%)

-Fires 2 explosive shots (15%)

Phase 2 (41-70% health)

-Fires 7 very fast bullets at you, middle and second to last shots are homing (65%) [85% if hourglass was used in the last 10 seconds]

-Uses Hourglass on you (20%) [0% if used in the last 10 seconds)

-Shoots 3 explosive shots at you, which leave acid blood on the floor (15%)

Phase 3 (40-1% health)

-Spawns 3 masks without hearts (only once during the beggining of this phase) which die after FatherTime is killed

-Charges at the player with high speed (similar to war's speed) for 8 seconds (80%)

-Flies into the sky and drops 3 waves of bombs (like War, but 3X more) (20%)

When killed unlocks The Clock and has a 20% to drop The Clock as an Item

THE SERPENT[edit | edit source]

The very serpent that started the long road of sin...And Isaac challenges him! The serpent will be found if you choose to fight him after killing ???, by either choosing the chest or a door that has the letters S Y N on the arch, including the heads of the super sins on the sides of the frame. The serpent is like pin cross scolex with satans head. Once you enter his boss room, he will yell "IIISSSSSAAAC!" In a high pitched sssssnake voice. He shoots 6 homing bullets, then 5 blood bullets. He will also randomly spawn any of the sins, super sins, or ultra pride. He will also summon unholy beams, and copy pins attacks, as well as scolexs. Upon killing him , you will be hit by an unmissable unholy beam, Then madgalene will come out of you and fly up into the sky. From then on she is unplayable. If you defeat the serpent again, cain will do the same, and so on and so forth, until the seventh time you defeat him, then he will rise from the ground, roar, and start chasing you. from then on you have to simply run aaway from him, seeing as he will chase you to the starting room of the chest. Then a rope will be tossed down from the sky, and you will climb it to meet-Maggy! she will then distract the serpent, and will possibly be killed whilst trying, but the distraction will give you time to run through the cathedral with the serpent shooting six blood bullets at you. You will keep going until you climb the rope up to the basement, and then, when the serpent comes up, he will stay in the same place hes in and start attacking you. He does the same attacks as his first form, only this time more quicker. Once you kill him a cutscene will play:

Isaac realises that he has no choice but to do gods bidding, and so he takes moms knife from the kitchen, With the serpent gaining on him, wipe a tear away, and plunge it into his chest, which makes the serpent roar in defeat, and die. Then Isaac is raised into the sky, and calls a voice(presumably god) Isaac, you have done my bidding, so I shall reward you: You shall be known as, SAINT, ISAAC! and Isaac opens his eyes.

The end. The Serpents boss m [31]The Serpent! Boss Title CardAdded by QW3RTYPOUNC3Susic is My Innermost Apocalypse (??? boss music)

A rare boss that can be found in the Catacombs, he very well resembles a Vomit Gaper, but larger. He has a primary feature of leaving green creep where he goes, much like Pestilence, but walks much faster and targets the player. His first attack consists of vomitting 4-5 green bomb-like blobs, like Sloth, that will scatter across the room and leave green creep when they land. His second attack is vomitting right where he is, causing the creep thathe is currently in to grow larger. After he only has 25% of his [32]Added by SkirdusHP left, he will pick up his head and throw it at the player, causing it to explode (leavingcreep) and lobbing 5 green bomb-like blobs across the room. He will now appear with no head and no longer be able to do his second attack, but he will speed up and begin using his first attack more often. He is a good chance at dropping Bob's Curse on death. (His name is a play on Putrid).

The King of Sin[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

Boss Image

A rare boss that can sometimes appear instead of The Fallen. [33]The King of Sin.Added byZangiefB====Attacks====

  • Spawns one of the seven deadly sins, and teleports out of the room. He teleports back in when the sin is killed.
  • A random attack from any of the seven sins.
  • When at a quarter of health, he starts chasing the player, continually but slowly spawning 1-3 of any of the sins (he no longer leaves the room), and teleports around the room.

Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Any item that drops when you kill a sin
  • The Book of Sin

The King of Super Sin[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

Boss Image

An upgraded version of The King of Sin, possibly replacing him. [34]The King of Super Sin.Added byZangiefB====Attacks====

  • Spawns one of the seven super deadly sins, or very rarely Ultra Pride, and teleports out of the room. He teleports back in when the sin is killed.
  • A random attack from any of the seven super sins.
  • When at a quarter of health, he starts chasing the player while leaving a blood trail, continually spawning 1-3 of any of the sins at a quicker rate, (he no longer leaves the room) and teleports around the room. His chasing is faster than that of his original form.

Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Any item that drops when you kill a super sin
  • Imaginary Friend

ParaBlast <3[edit | edit source]

parablast is a boss that can be found in the Utero, it looks like Blastocyst but has 3 worms in it, a big one in the middle and two little ones on both sides, ParaBlast stands on a standard of meat, with two kind of legs on both sides. ParaBlast has 3 phases, the first phase you need to destroy the standard of meat. in the first phase he will run after you, he will also use the litlle worms as a Lil' Chub item againts you. the second phase (when the meat standard is destroyed) he will act like Blastocyst. he jumps and shoots big projectiles of blood in a circle. he will also spawn Para-Bite's in this phase. the third phase, ParaBlast will split in 2 Blastocyst and one champion Larry Jr. + Larry Jr. will also leave a blood trail that hurts the Player. He has a big change dropping the <3 item. [35]ParaBlast <3Added by Squiqcookie==Dracul==

Dracul is a dragon flying around.can be Found in Caves (or Catacombs).He chases you first and when his tierd he stops and gives out fire from his mouth and starts orbiting around his self.he drops hot pepper or dragon wings.

Mr.BOMB[edit | edit source]

Mr.bomb is an alt for Teratoma .Every time he breaks apart he causes an explosion and the fourth time it breaks to 2 mega troll bombs.any part with any size shots bombs in 8 directions randomly.

The 7 Demons of Sin[edit | edit source]

7 further upgraded versions of the 7 sins mini-bosses, except these guys can be found as normal bosses on anyfloor from the Depths/Necropolis onwards (except floors with set bosses like Depths/Necropolis 2 and Womb/Utero 2). Can appear in Sheol as ordinary enemies. Do not appear in Cathedral. By Mnemonical.

Iblis (Wrath)

Takes on the appearance of Super Wrath, albeit darker with red eyes, burn marks on the "helmet" and curved horns. Spawns Mega Troll Bombs much like Super Wrath, however also scatters red bullets whenever shot. Furthermore, getting close to him increases the rate at which he spawns Troll Bombs.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving bombs, troll bombs and hearts as drops, and one of any Bomb upgrade items available.

Mammon (Greed)

Takes on the appearance of Greed, except with a dollar hanging from his neck, curved tusks from the mouth and bloody pennies in the eye sockets. Fires a salvo of 5 red bullets everytime he fires, and spawns up to 2 Leapers occasionally. Whenever money is picked up by the player in the fight, a homing bullet will fire at the player at fast speed.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving pennies, nickels and dimes as drops, and a Quarter, Dollar Bill or Steam Sale.

Asmodeus (Lust)

Takes on the appearance of Lust, except is drenched in blood and has tendrils hanging instead of a mouth. She also appears to have various syringes lodged within her skin. She runs at very fast speeds towards the player at all times, being able to break rocks too. She'll also leave a red ooze trail that can harm the player.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving pills and hearts as drops, and any of the Syringe upgrade items available.

Leviathan (Envy)

Takes on the appearance of a larger normal Envy, except he has curved horns, darker skin and sharper teeth in his grin. His teeth also are pure white in contrast to his dark skin. Floats around the room just like Envy, and splits into three on death. All consecutive splits will also split in three pieces. Furthermore, when tiny Leviathan blobs are killed, they will spray bullets in 6 directions.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving troll bombs or keys as drops, and a Shoop da Whoop, Forever Alone, SMB Super Fan or Fetus in a Jar (latter two are much rarer).

Beelzebub (Gluttony)

Takes on appearance of Super Gluttony, except has much darker skin, gouged out eyes with blood dripping from them, and vomit leaking from his mouth and stomach gap. Behaves just like Super Gluttony, except he leaves behind a trail of vomit that can hurt the player. Furthermore, his lasers leave the same trails.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving hearts as drops, and one of any Health upgrade items available.

Belphegor (Sloth)

Takes on the appearance of Super Sloth, except he is greener and lighter in color, but also has curved horns and mulligan-like infections across his body. Fires two poison bombs that spread in random directions, and spawns Brains. Furthermore, attacking him will cause red flies to spawn periodically. When killed, he'll go into an "ooze" state much like Globins, from which he will regenerate from with 10% of his HP if not killed.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving a tarot card or hearts as drops, and a Common Cold, Bob's Rotten Head, Bob's Curse or Ipecac.

Lucifer (Pride)

Takes on the appearance of Super Pride, except his eyes glow red, has curved horns and devil wings. Flies, and can spawn 3 Mega Troll Bombs in addition to being able to fire lasers in all 8 directions. Additionally, he can also teleport around the room much like Babies do.

Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving a tarot card or Troll Bombs as drops, and an Anarchist's Cookbook, Deck of Tarot Cards, Guppy or Book of Sin.

Scleritis[edit | edit source]

A giant eye, similar to the ones found in Sheol. Jumps around the room in a similar fashion to Widow, and occasionally fires a beam at the player. Can also spawn a single Eye (like the ones found in the Womb/Utero), and is allowed up to 2 on the screen at a time. Upon defeat, has a 90% chance of dropping Inner Eye, and a 10% chance of dropping Polyphemus. By Mnemonical.

Simon[edit | edit source]

By Mnemonical.

First appear to be Isaac, albeit with a rosary cross around his neck. Has four forms.

1st Form - The Pure[edit | edit source]

Simon stands in the center of the room. Beams of light occasionally will appear around the room, hurting the player. Relatively easy to wittle down.

2nd Form - The Descent[edit | edit source]

Simon floats into the air and his eyes glow white, like Isaac's would with Sacred Heart. He'll shoot out slow-moving white tears in 4 directions that have enhanced homing capabilities. Beams of light will continue to rain down from the sky.

3rd Form - The Fall[edit | edit source]

Simon's skin turns dark grey, and he grows demon wings. The blue cross around his neck becomes an up-turned red cross and his tears go from white to red. Same homing tears as before, except they will be red and travel a lot faster. Beams of light will no longer fall from the sky; instead, Simon will randomly spew out red bombs that leave harmful ooze behind.


Final Form - The Damned[edit | edit source]

Simon's final form. He grows curved horns like the Lamb, his expression turns evil, he grows demonic teeth and the mark appears on his head. Now, he will mirror Isaac's movements around the room, firing a salvo of red bullets in 8 directions at random intervals and firing salvos of 4 spreading bullets whenever Isaac shoots (albeit at a slower fire rate). Furthermore, if Isaac ever lines up horizontally with Simon, he will fire a laser without warning, much like the Bloat.

Upon defeat, a pentagram appears under Simon, and Satan's hand emerges, grabbing him and pulling the screaming Simon down into Sheol forever more. Simon is the final boss of my fan idea scenario, the New Genesis. It can be found in Fan Ideas/Floors and Rooms.

The Swarm[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

The Swarm is a boss similar to the Duke of Flies, only much more powerful, found only in the Depths or Necropolis. He appears as a dead gaper being carried by a ridiculous amount of flies. If you've defeated the Duke of Flies or the Husk in the same run, the chance of finding him is higher.

Form 1[edit | edit source]

The Swarm is carried around the room by the flies in a similar way to the Duke of Flies himself. The dead body being carried coughs up a random type of fly every now and then. The swarm of flies carrying it will get smaller every time you hit him, and red flies will come out of it automatically.

Form 2[edit | edit source]

At three quarters of health, the swarm of flies will be completely gone. The gaper will start chasing the player at a moderate speed, occasionally stopping to cough up more flies or spit a black bomb that also spawns flies when it hits the ground.

Form 3[edit | edit source]

At half health, the gaper's body explodes into a bloody mess. His head is kept off the ground by flies. He will then use the same movement and attack pattern as Form 2, only he attacks at a much faster rate.

Final Form[edit | edit source]

At one quarter of health, the flies lifting the head will die, thus the head finally touches the ground. He will then start using the same movement pattern as a Hopper, but he leaves red creep wherever he lands. He uses the same attack pattern as before, only at a nearly unpredictable speed, and with an added attack: a stomp similar to a Membrain, but when he lands, a large puddle of the sme creep spawns under him.

After defeat, he will drop any fly-related item, excluding Skatole, along with health like usual bosses.

Mirror[edit | edit source]

Mirror is a boss, which could only appear in Angel Rooms and the Cathedral. If you've defeated Krampus already, he couldn't appear in Angel Rooms anymore.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

His behavior in this phase is the same like a Dople, but if you could fly, he could to and he has the same shoots like you. His range is at minimum, so you have to attack him by range. If your range is at minimum too, you must damage yourself, but unlike you, Mirror isn't invincible after one. When you reduced his live to half, he activates an endless version of the Unicorn item, until he hits you once. Now the second phase starts.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

Mirror now has the same stats and items (including bombs, trinkets and "Space-items") as you. Now he walks independently through the room and attacks you. He wil activate the space-item when you reduced his live to a quarter (If he has the batterie, the candle or the habit, he will use the space-item as often as possible). If he has the Teleporter, he will use it to, but is instantly killed.

After he is defeated, two random Angel Room items will be dropped.

The 7 Sins[edit | edit source]

The seven sins aren't a really new boss. All of the seven sins will appear in the same boss room. In the Womb, the Utero, the Sheol, the Cathedral and the chest, it would be at least four super sins instead. Ultra Pride could never appear as part of this boss.

The Archangels[edit | edit source]

The Archangels are equated to the Harbingers, but have a different behavior. They are looking like little white versions of Satan, but without any face, which also could be compared with the angel in the Angel room. All of them make damage by touching and shooting spectral tears on the player. If you kill all in one run, you unlock Abbadon.

Michael[edit | edit source]

Michael is one of the Archangels, who appears in the Basement and Cellar. He has big wings, which makes it impossible to attack him from behind or site, so he could only attacked from the front. He tries to hide behind stones to attack you with his spectral tears. If you've killed him, he drops the Archangel Wings (Fan idea item).

Gabriel[edit | edit source]

Gabriel is also an Archangel, who appears in the Caves and Catacombs. He has normal wings, like all Archangels out of Michael, but instead of tears he uses the Sacramental Bread item (Fan idea item) to attack you. His attacks have the spectral upgrade to. Unlike Michael, he tries to come close to you, to give you also the touchdamage. If you've beaten him, he drops the Sacramental Bread.

Raphael[edit | edit source]

Raphael is the third Archangel. He appears in the Dephts and Necropolis. He has small wings and normal tears, but if he hits you, he regenerates live. He also tries to hide behind stones and attack you with his spectral shoots. After he is defeated, he drops the Soul Eater (Fan idea item).

Uriel[edit | edit source]

Uriel is the last Archangel. He appears in the Womb and Utero. He has small wings and maximum speed. He attacks you only but often with the God's Eye item (Fan idea item). He only stops while he is using it, so now you can attack him without he is dodging. If he is killed, he drops the God's Eye.

Abbadon[edit | edit source]

Abbadon has wings and spectral shoots like an Angel, but he isn't an Archangel. He has two phases with differently behavior. After he is unlocked, he could appear in Sheol and Cathedral in a random room.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Abbadon has all Archangel items and looks like one of them, but he changes Sacramental Bread, God's Eye and Spectral tears as attack. He isn't as fast as Uriel but faster than the other Archangels. He tries to hide behind stones like Michael and Raphael. If you reduces his life to 50%, he loses his wings and falls to the ground. A cloud appears around him. Now the second phase starts.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

The cloud disappears, so now you can see the demon form of Abbadon. He is completely black and has Brimstone, Vampire Charm (which is activated with a 100% chance), the Anarchist's Cookbook (which he can use as often as he wants) and the Spirit of the Night. He is resistent to bombs. He changes now Brimstone, the Anarchist's cookbook and spectral tears as attack against you. For every 10% he loses from his live, he spawns a random sin (no super/ultra sins). After he is defeated, he drops a random Angel room and a random devil room item.

Twins[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

This picture took a LOT of effort.

Like The Fallen, this boss has a rare chance of appearing anywhere except for in areas where final bosses appear, although much rarer than The Fallen himself. The lower the floor, the higher chance it has of appearing, and the more health it has. For example, this boss would be really hard to find in the Basement and would have the health of Monstro, but would be fairly common in the Womb and have the health of Blastocyst.

This boss has its own music, part angelic, part satanic.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Demonic Twin

The demonic twin.

  • Shoots blood projectiles similar to the pattern of Monstro's giant hop attack.
  • Shoots a salvo of 3 blood projectiles toward the player.
  • Summons a Demon Baby (See Monsters) or Kamikaze Leech.
  • Uses Krampus's Brimstone laser attack, however, this can sometimes be an X instead of a +, or if low on health, he will do it in all cardinal and diagonal directions simuntaneously.
  • Teleports around the room.
  • Chases the player at a fairly high speed for 10 seconds. If he manages to touch the player, he stops and the player recieves 1 heart of damage.

Angelic Twinthumb|link=

  • Shoots homing projectiles in the same manner as Isaac.
  • Calls down 1-3 beams of light.
  • Shoots a white IPECAC style bomb at the player.
  • Summons an Angel Baby or Holy Leech.
  • Teleports around the room.
  • Dashes toward the player at a notably high speed just like Chub would, with his wings glowing white. If he manages to touch the player, he stops and the player recieves 1 heart of damage. Unlike Chub, he cannot be paralyzed by bombs. Doing this will stop him in his path, but sends the bomb flying at nearly light speed in the direction he was charging.

Unlike all other bosses, it drops two items: one satanic item where the demonic twin dies, and one Christian item where the angelic twin dies.

The angelic twin can spawn as a mini-boss in the Cathedral, and the same for the demonic twin in Sheol. Rarely, this can be the other way around.

The HATRED[edit | edit source]

Boss of the floor TIME

When you enter the room, there will be a ghost like figure standing there (completely black except for glowing red eyes, upper body looks like isaac except for fact lower body is a ghost like tail coming out. He will stand there in that pisition staring at you. No matter where you move, he will stare at you. The battle begins when you first lay a hit on him.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Movement: The hatred will move around the room to random spots. No other real movements.

Attacks: He will stare at the player and fire a DEADLY accurate red shot that may take out 1 heart and a half depending on players stats. If player has the wafer, damage reduced to 1 half. Rarely he will head towards you and turn red signally that he will shoot a beam like monstro 2 towards whichever direction you are in. If you are diagnol, He will instantly fire five shots like the ones above.

Health: About 10 hearts. Each shot should take out 1, but hes pritty darn hard to hit because he moves fast.

Strategy: A good idea is just to dodge him untill he charges at you and then hit him while he prepares his LAZOR or when hes going diganol, You could get 5 hits off of that.

'Phase 2'.1[edit | edit source]

Shape: The ghost will begin to shake where you defeated him and phase one and parts will begin to crumble off.

Movement: He will try anything to get away from you in this phase. Charge at him and get revenge for whatever he did to you in the first phase >:3

Attacks: Very rarely will he spawn a charger. Nothing to worry about, just hit it.

Health: About 5. Each hit will take off 1 heart, so this shouldn't take too long.

Condition: If you take too long to kill him off in this form (which i doubt any legit isaac player would) he will release a giant black light that overwhelms the screen and insta kills. It takes a VERY long time for this to happen.

Strategy: No fears, charge at him and lure him into the center area to get the most damage out of him.

Phase 2.2[edit | edit source]

Shape: After tasting defeat, the crumbles will become colossal and the screen will go dark. After it goes back on, he will be about 3 times his original size (original was about as big as isaac) And he will appear as a demonic spirit with skeletal dark glowing red wings behind him. His eyes glow red and so does his body. Oh, your in for a treat now.

Movement: He will go side to side from the edges of the top wall at the start. After awhile, he will turn and go up and down on the left or right wall. After done on the left or right wall, he goes to top one and pattern repeats.

Attacks: While he is on the top one, he will fire a beam downwards occasionally similar to satans second form. He also will shoot out a large amount of red bullets like the ones from phase one in a formation similar to monstros attack. Sometimes when your infront of him or beside him he will shake then charge strait at you. This is easy to dodge if you see it coming, deadly if you don't. It will probably take out 2 hearts. Wafer reduces it to 1. Also, when he returns to his spot he will be temporily stunned. (very very short time) When he is on the side walls, he will do the same pattern as this just in the direction he is tilted.

Health: 40. Your shots will only take HALF hearts off him, remember that.

Strategy: Deadly huh? I would focus on dodging and hit him when he uses the beam or when he recovers from using the charge attack. Save health here, because the last phase is terryfying.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

After he is hurt he falls onto the ground and turns grey. When you head towards him clocks will appear and start ticking superfast and overwhelm the screen. After they disapear you will be in the room, however its abit darker than it was before and the Hatred is gone. Then a voice like satan laughs Hahaha! and then he will appear, slightly bigger then in the last form. Exact same appearance, through. However, he appears to be preparing for something.

Movement: He will stay at the TOP of the room, SIDES of the room, or BOTTOM of the room and commonly switch those spots.

Attacks: He will move his hands outward and grin then on the wall grey clocks will appear and fire out beams similar to monstro 2. These do 1 heart and 1 half, regardless of wafer or not. You can squeeze inbetween 2 shots however. His hands will glow red and he will releases a giant stream of bullets that weaves in then goes out then stops. They spread over time and would do 1 heart of damage on touch. He is vunerable while doing this. He grins and his mouth opens releasing a grenade towards you. After that he will look puzzled and release 2 more. After that he is vunerable for a split second. Grenades would do 1 heart and 1 half.

Health: 50. Again, half hearts. That means he takes 100 hits.

Strategy: Well, this is terryfying. Your most of the time too busy dodging to hit him. 3 Key places to hit him are- 1: If you can get infront of him while the clock move is going, you take no damage and DEAL damage.

2: After he releases grenades. Dodge the 2 ones he releases quick, and hit him for a split second. 5-10 shots should go in there.

3: Get in close when hes about to release the bullet streams. You can get in good hits AND dodge the bullet streams in the same attack.

Also, to dodge the bullet stream, after time the bullets will have holes, and the bullets spreading will make those so big that you can fit through them. Repeat and Defeat.

Final Phase[edit | edit source]

Shape: After defeating him the room will light up again. 2 chests that contain enough hearts to heal you and have a chance of giving you 1 heart will appear. After they are opened the large chest at the end will appear. However.. When you open it a godly looking form of Hatred with a mask to cover up wounds on his face will emerge. Ooooh, time for the final final battle.

Movement: He moves for diffrent attacks. Check attacks for info.

Attacks: His attack cycle works like this = 1st: Moving to the top of the room, he will scream spawning 2 hoppers and 2 chargers, who have a chance of being champion buffed, and he will shoot out 3 monstro 2 type lasers infront of him. If you are infront of him, you just lost 2 hearts. Ouch. 2nd: After you dodge that beam he will glow and a spirit will rotate around him like a angel baby or cube of meat. The spirit can be destroyed by hitting it 40 times (20 health- only take off half hearts) and while that is there, he will spawn more hoppers and chargers for any that you kill. He will continue to do this untill the spirit is destroyed. 3rd: He will teleport all over the room charging something. If you hit him in the short time before he teleports to a diffrent spots he will be shocked and go onto his next phase. If you don't do it fast enough, gigantic hands will come out of where ever he finished the attack and charge right at you dealing 1 heart and 1 half for each. 3 Hearts down, also they are UNAVOIDABLE. Final: After that the mask egnites with a purple flame and he will begin shooting purple bullets that take 1 heart out rapidly at you. At one point he will stop and throw 1 purple grenade at you and almost immediatly after that another one. Grenades take 2 hearts. After the grenades he does another purple bullets as long as he did the first one then he goes to the center of the room where he glows vunerable. After being hurt the attack cycle goes back to 1 and it repeats.

Health - 4. He is invincible to all damage except for the part after his attack cycle. Have fun with that. Also, you can only score 1 damage. Meaning the attack cycle is done 4 times. Ouch.

Strategy: DODGE DODGE DODGE. Heres the attack cycle for you:

1st: Don't mind the hoppers or chargers here, just try to not let them lure you close to him. You WILL be punished if you don't do what I just said.

2nd: Take out the minions, because there is a slight delay for the respawning. Hit the spirit once there is a oppertunity. The chances are it should die in 2 - 4 oppertunitys to hit it.

3rd: Pay attention to only one direction. If you keep firing in one direction, that wont work because the bullets will be blocked and he will teleport out. When he comes in, thats your que to hit him.

Final: Run run run, Wait till the bullets get close the run to a diffrent section of the room. Repeat untill he begins throwing grenades. Grenade dodging is easy to figure out. After that repeat the top section then hit him. Repeat all of this advice untill he is dead.

Death: He goes out in a bang, Where the darkness of him fades away and he screems ISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC as he dies. After most of his body is gone, it explodes and the entire room is silent. A chest appears infront of isaac. What is this chest? Go check out the floor TIME in fansuggustions/floors. Also after beating, a note will appear saying LOST TIMES have appeared in the basement.

The Destroyer[edit | edit source]

by KirbyCZ

The Destroyer is boss like a Fallen. He is randomly appears on later and harder floors(Catacombs,Necropolis,Utero and very rarely on Cellar) and he is final boss in the Nightmare.Because he is harder then other bosses.He is tall like Super Sins.

And the phases is like a floor, so you cant have a 5 phases Destroyer on Celler.You will have only 1 phase Destroyer on Cellar, 2 phases on Catacombs and more Phases on harder floors 

He will be a statue in middle of room and he said,,We will see again" like a Satan Boss Fight. After 10 seconds he will wake up and battle will begin

Battle with Him

He has 5 phases.(And 1 bonus Phase on Nightmare)

Phase 1:

He will chase you like a Super Lust,but he is faster.

He will leaves a red and green creep behind.

He will shoot a white Ipecac which is create a white slowing creep

He will shoot a red bullets

Phase 2:

He will turn into Phase 2 while he is running out of health(same i other phases)

He will stop chasing you and he get wings and Brimstone


He will shoot a Brimstone straight our in four directions(like a Fallen or Krampus)

He will shoot a 4,5 and 6 bullet(like a Satan, but not that big)

He will shoot a salvo bullet like a Monstro

Phase 3:

He get a broke devil halo(red) and get devil version of Sacred Heart(Red Eyes)


He will shot a 4 or 6 or 7 homing bullets

He will shoot a big red homing tears(from Devil Sacred Heart)

If he will hit you he get some life back

He will use a hour-glss like Death

Same attacks as in Phase 2

Phase 4:

He will get bigger


He will shoot a hand-beam attack similiar to satan hand-beam attack

He will shoot a different Ipecac bullets

He will spawn a different enemies

Same attacks as in Phase 2 and 3

Final Phase:

In final phase battle will be like Satan Foot Attack


He will stomp randomly in room(2 Leg)

He will punch randomly in room(1 Arm)

He will Summon a Devil Beams(Heavenly Beams but in Red and bigger)

He will summons a enemies and bosses(Very Rarely a Mask of Infamy)

He will randomly shoot a big Brimstone beam

After Battle

At the end of battle The Destroyer will shrink in to Issac Size and a Devil Beam will him telepoted to the Sheol.


He will drop a 4 items but not a normall drops from bosses.You can get Raw Liver.This is replace a breakfast.You can get Mom's Contack and other really good items.


Red- Faster and More Annoying Vesrion of The Destroyer, but he has a 10% lower Health and he cant shoot a Brimstone Laser in Phase 5.

Black- Slower and Harder version of The Destroyer.He has a 10% more health and he is stronger, but he is also slower.

Blue-Has abillity to spawn his fist in other phases,but he is little bit slower.

Orange-The rarest version of him, he is pretty much Stronger,has More Health and he is Faster, spawns a Mask of Infamy a little bit more.He has no negatives.

Pink-He is Faster,but only 50% health.(Also Very rare)

Awesome Face[edit | edit source]

By 39Gamer

Isaac v.s. Awesome Face Boss Transition

Awesome Face is a Monstro based boss that can be found in Caves/Catacombs and rarely in Basement.

Phases[edit | edit source]

1: Remains at his neutral face or classic face, jumps around like Monstro.

2: At 2/3 health, his emotion changes, like as if he did not like you attackng him.

3: He is now angry, at 1/3 health he will be spawning 4 boom flies (red and green) every time he goes to his neutral face and back to the angry one, he will also move faster and shoot 4 homing tears when he grins and fires (Like Monstro).

4: This happens on death, or 0% health, he will blast a whopping 16 tear shot. Then leaving behind the drop

Drops[edit | edit source]

Awesome Face drops Li'l Awesome Face. Li'l Awesome Face fires urine tears that do 4 bars damage.

Champions[edit | edit source]

Red Champion version of Awesome Face

The red version of Awesome Face is alot more stronger.

He will spit a trail of red flashing blood if the player is close to him, that does one heart damage. He is now 50% faster then before, which gives you a tough challenge. Has much more HP, equivilant to Mom's Heart.

This champion version is pretty rare, only found in the caves dispite how hard it is.

Blue Champion version of Awesome Face

The blue version is pretty more buff with some tricks up his sleeves.

Every time he lands from jumping, he shoots 3 homing tears in a triangular direction.

Has 10% less health as a bonus. He is 15% slower than the red or white one.

During Phase 2 he spawns 2 greed heads every 20 seconds, he will continue spawning them even if the first two arent taken out.

During Phase 3 he spawns 2 cubbies every 12 seconds.

This champion version is pretty rare (not as rare as red), only found in the catacombs dispite how hard it is.

White Champion version of Awesome Face

The white version is the hardest champion of this boss, only found in catacombs and is as rare as Champion The Fallen.

He 50% more stronger (HP) and faster, he actually avoids the player until Phase 3. Phase one he spawns Monstro, The Husk and Chub (Random Champions) to keep the player away.

Phase 2 he splits into 2 and does the same as phase 1 but the mini bosses he spawns are weaker and non champion.

Phase 3 he Gurdy Jr. charges the player non stop leaving flashing blood trail behind.

Gunther[edit | edit source]

Gunther, Doll, Cap and champion versions.

Gunther is a boss found in the cave. It has 3 turns, and 2 phases. His room has five holes, one in far left, one in far right, one in far up, one in far down and one in center. He recieves very small amount of damage when hitting dolls. His turns are:

Turn 1: Appears several times in a random hole and spits several bullets towards Isaac, and in other holes are Dolls.

Turn 2: Gunther jumps from the center hole and is out of the room, spawning either:

  • 2 Knights
  • 4 Globins (One is gazing)
  • 4 Red Boom Flies
  • 4 Chargers

Turn 3: When you destroy the spawned enemies, Gunther jumps back in the center hole, he spawns either:

  • 2 Chargers
  • 2 Boom Flies
  • 4 Red Flies
  • 2 Clottys

When he has less than 50% HP (phase 2), he and his cap are seperated and the cap flies like peeper's eye.

Champion Versions[edit | edit source]

Blue Version is stronger and spawns better enemies.

Turn 1: Same as above but dolls spit at you too.

Turn 2: Same as above but he spawns either:

  • 3 Selfless Knights
  • 5 Gazing Globins
  • Medium Fistula
  • 5 Spitys

Turn 3: Same as above, but fires big bullets in 8 directions and spawns either:

  • 3 Spitys
  • 5 Horfs
  • 2 Guts
  • MemBrain

In phase two, he spawns two caps.

Red Version has more enemies and focuses on more enemies.

Turn 1: Same as normal but fires faster and when you hit dolls he won't take any damage.

Turn 2: Same as normal but fires bullets in 8 directions and spawns either:

  • 4 Knights (One is Selfless)
  • 8 Globins (Two Gazing)
  • 8 Red Boom Flies

Turn 3: Same as normal but fires bullets in 8 directions and spawns either:

  • 4 Chargers and 2 Spittys
  • 2 Boom Flies and 2 Red Boom Flies
  • 4 Red Mooters
  • 2 Clottys and 2 Clots

In phase 2, his cap deals whole heart instead of half and is two times faster.

Abomination[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

Picture by ZangiefB

Abomination is a boss that can be encountered in Necropolis or The Depths, or rarely in The Caves or Catacombs replacing Gurdy.

He is named after the Abomination from World of Warcraft, an undead, ogre-like creature made of corpses cobbled together.

Just like Gurdy, he is static, sitting in the middle of the room.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Lashes out one of its arms at the player.
  • Spits a red explosive projectile at the player that explodes into normal red projectiles like Monstro's super hop attack.
  • Makes a fart sound and oozes out dark brown creep that both slows and damages the player if he touches it.
  • Vomits a salvo of 7 green projectiles at the player.
  • Attempts to grab the player with one of its many arms. If he manages to grab him, he will pull him towards his body and try to eat him, dealing 1/2 heart of damage every 5 seconds. The player can break free by either attacking him or placing a bomb.

​When defeated, he will explode violently and drop a common boss item.

Mega Lump[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

The Mega Lump, as its name suggests, is a greatly enlarged Lump. It is a boss that appears in The Womb and Utero.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Spits a wave of red projectiles in the same manner as Monstro.
  • Shoots a Brimstone-style blood beam from its mouth.
  • Goes into the ground for 3 seconds and pops back up close to the player.
  • Spawns 1-3 smaller Lumps by hacking them up.

Master Skull[edit | edit source]

Main Info

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

Looks like a Large Skeleton, But With Red Spikes On The Head, And A Black Body.

Heath:[edit | edit source]

25 Per Phrase (100)

Location:[edit | edit source]


Phrases:[edit | edit source]

Phrase I:[edit | edit source]

Simply Persues Isaac

Phrase II:[edit | edit source]

Like P.I., But Can Chase You, Making Him Like Gemini, But Without The Smaller Twin

Phrase III:[edit | edit source]

Same As Phrase II, But He Can Chase You For Longer, Recover In Less Time, And Sometimes Shoot Bullets A Short Distance Away From Him

Phrase IV:[edit | edit source]

Chases Isaac Tirelessly, And May Shoot IDEPAC Bombs Doing So.

The Despicable Me[edit | edit source]

Appearance: He looks like a more sinister version of Isaac.

Fighting Tactics: Despicable Me would chase the player in a fashion like Gemini. He would also leave a trail of black creep (The stuff that slows), and would also, rarely, shoot a slowing shot. He has as much health as Larry Jr, to balance himself out.

Where he is fought: The Despicable Me is fought in the Caves/Catacombs, or the Depths/Necropolis.

Items - Angel/Devil items.

Other- Spirit Hearts or Hearts.

The Duke of Masks[edit | edit source]

A superior version of the boss Mask of Infamy.

It is unlocked after defeating The Mask of Infamy twice.

It can be be encountered in The Depths and the Cathedral.

Phase 1 [edit | edit source]


It will slowly chase after Isaac, shooting blood drops (similar to Monstro's) that will cause half a heart of damage of damage. In addition, it will also summon little masks (see below). The Duke's heart follows close behind and acts as its weak spot.

Little Mask


These masks will bounce around the room diagonally. Touching them will cause half a heart damage to Isaac. It takes 3 tears for not upgraded Isaac to kill one.

Phase 2:[edit | edit source]


When Duke of Masks loses its heart, it eyes will begin to glow with rage and its face will form an angry mouth with teeth showing. Its speed increases by 250% and it will begin to shoot a brimstone-like beam either from the front, the back or even from both sides. Like in phase 1, little masks are stoll summoned. The back of the mask will continue to stay its weak spot.

Phase 3[edit | edit source]


When the Duke is nearly destoryed, its crown will grow twice its size and seize control of the mask.

It will start chasing relentlessly (without the need to take a break unlike similar bosses like Gemini)

The Duke of Masks will (similar to the Headless Horsemen) drop one of two special items:

  • The Duke's Crown

Drops 5-7 Coins and 2-4 Keys
  • Mask Minon
MaskedMinion.pngLittleMask Isaac.png

Increases Damage, Speed and Health by 1

Summited by Greygoo64

Boss Image (by Greygoo64)

My version of bobby

Bobby[edit | edit source]

Ever wonder what happened to Brother Bobby, since we assumably know what happened to Magdalene/Maggy? 

Bobby appears to be a larger (Roughly a bit smaller than Gurdy), Gaper of the happy variant, wearing a crown similar to that of Pageant Boy, but larger and purple instead of pink. He is a two phased boss battle. 

He is a boss that appears on the Basement/Cellar 1, Basement 2, and very rarely Caves (Not Catacombs) 1 and 2.  He may also show up in the Chest, but not alone. In the chest, he is usually accompanied by another Bobby, or a Gurdy Jr, or a Duke of Flies, or a Husk, or a gemini, or maybe paired with two lusts.

(If someone could provide a picture, please do. That would help! ^_^)

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

Bobby follows you like the average Gaper would, but he is quite slower than you at base speed and should never capture you. To add a slight bit of difficulty to a rather easy encounter, he spawns Gapers of the happy variety and of the frowning variety. These Gapers are the same as normal ones and have a chance to become a Pacer or Gusher when killed. He may also spawn Horfs and the various other zombie-like mobs encountered only in the basement. He will spawn them in groups and won't spawn another set of mobs until you kill the existing spawns. You can kill Bobby without having to deal with the mobs he spawns until the very end after he dies so you can progress. He has a chance to spawn champion mobs too. He only spawns mobs in groups of two and rarely three at this phase, and it should be very easy to kill.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

At half health, like most Gapers, his head explodes and he's basically a giant gusher. At this phase, he wanders around randomly, and shoots small bullets in groups the size of monstro hordes of bullets in the direction he's facing, though his movement is random as said basically meaning his tears are random. Most of the tears he shoots will deal half a heart of damage, easily noted by their average size, though like Monstro, very few can deal an entire heart, as noted by their larger size.

He also starts to randomly fire Ipecac missiles, and can easily be seen when he shakes up for roughly half a second before lodging out 1-3 Ipecac bullets. They land where the player was standing just before Bobby started shaking and should be easy to avoid. When firing Ipecac shots, he doesn't shoot monstro-like hordes of projectiles.

There is no set pattern to this and he alternates between ipecac and wide spreads of bullets randomly. He starts to spawn Globins, a step up to Cave monsters, though the difficulty is reduced from fighting Globins because Bobby can reduce them down to an ooze state in one ipecac and kill them with another. He tends to do both attacks quite frequently, so if you play strategically, you can let Bobby kill the Globins while dodging easily as you widdle away at him. 

Upon Death[edit | edit source]

Once he dies, he explodes into blood, which does nothing but cover the floor in blood just like the blood created from killing any other mob. Mobs that you haven't killed spawned by him still live and the room is uncompletable until you kill these mobs. He drops normal boss items and drops like any other, though has a 10% chance to drop Little Bobby. If you have Little Bobby before encountering this boss, Little Bobby disappears until the fight is over.

Champions of this bosses include a tankier variant with more health, and a variant that spawns flies and spiders and nubs instead of zombies, as well as a variant that spawns nothing that just runs as fast as a normal Gaper. There is also a variant that in second phase, he only shoots Ipecac.

Overall, this boss is Basement/Celler style difficulty and ranks among the harder ingame Cellar/Basement bosses in difficulty, though he isn't a stretch and is a believable first boss encounter.

Notes:[edit | edit source]

If you have Brother Bobby OR Sister Maggy on the Basement/Cellar and you've recieved one before you faught the boss, you are destined to encounter Bobby as a boss in either Basement/Cellar 1 or 2.

If you have Brother Bobby, he has a 10% chance to drop a random familiar you do not have, and a 90% chance to drop a random average boss item.

He CANNOT drop orbit familiars or 3rd/4th level meat boy, or Dead Bird.

He is based off of Brother Bobby, an item that is based off of Isaac's dead PRESUMABLE brother as there is Sister Maggy, who is obviously an item relating to Isaac's dead sister, Magdeline who he cross dresses as. 

It is possible that Bobby was like Isaac and fled to the basement, died, and ruled the zombies in the basement.

Although he's not an entirely difficult and masochistic boss, both phases have the same health as the average monstro, meaning in total, he has double the health of monstro. This boss isn't terribly difficult or punishing, and his difficulty mainly comes from his second phase where he produces alot of bullets and you're bound to take a hit or two, maybe three or four in that phase and need to dodge often. This boss follows along the line that you PROBABLY won't die, he won't nearly kill you, but he will atleast get one or two hits on you, maybe five if you're unlucky. The average time to kill this boss isn't long or tedious. Just double the average time it takes to kill monstro without a good damage item, which is common to be nearly bare that early in the game. He's pretty much that boss that's like a road bump. Not much of a problem but can slow you down. As a boss that massively spawns, rage is a preferably item thus making Samson more of a good character in the early game with the bosses that spawn mobs who are in abundance.

He's the type of boss that hurts you and slows you down, but makes up for it considering that most of the time, bosses drop hearts/soul hearts/eternal hearts, as well as guaranteed upgrades.

- Suggested by Ninjastyle124

Queen Spider[edit | edit source]

By ZangiefB

The Queen Spider, or Queen for short, is a large spider boss that can be encountered in the Necropolis, or rarely in the Catacombs. She can also be found in Utero as a mini-boss.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Bites the player.
  • Spawns 1-3 Sacks, Spiders, and/or Big Spiders.
  • Shoots a white projectile at the player. If the Queen manages to hit the player with this, the player will be slowed as if affected by Spider's Bite.

Drops[edit | edit source]

  • Spider's Bite
  • Mutant Spider
  • Spider Butt (Rare)

L0-K1[edit | edit source]

L0-K1 is basicly a cyborg verison of Loki. He is unlocked by defeating Loki 5 times. He is found in Sheol, possibly replacing Satin. But if you have "The Mark", You have a 100% chance of enchountering L0-K1.



Phase 1:1000

Phase 2:1500

Phase 3:1000

Phase 1:

In phase 1:L0-K1 attacks by...

  • Shooting a Homing ECIPAC bullet which, on impact, would leave behind red creep which will hurt you with a 1/2 heart of damage if you touch it.
  • Shooting Lasers in ether an X pattern or a + pattern
  • Summoning ether 3 Boom Flies or 3 Red Boom flies or any inbetween (Exp. 2 Boom Flies and 1 Red Boom Fly.)

Phase 2:

At the start of this phase, L0-K1 flies out of the screen, and comes back down in a crudly built robot resembling a giant Maw.

The robot will do the same attacks as the first phase. But will also:

  • Shoot 3 ECIPAC bullets in random directions
  • Fire a bunch of tears towards the player
  • Summon 3 Holy Leeches
  • Shoots a white homing bullet, which, if it touches the player, will slow them down (but won't do any damage)

Phase 3:

At the begining of this phase, the robot explodes and L0-K1, well , goes beserk! He will do the same attacks as Phase 1 but will also

  • Use "The Hourglass" on the player (Simalar to Death)
  • Charging at you
  • Summoning any of the Sins (no supers)
  • Use the Tarot Card "The Tower"

After defeating L0-K1, You can then unlock Loki as a playable character!

Summited by Greygoo64

The Child[edit | edit source]

The Child(or known as childo(as a nickname)is a fan-made (major)boss that is suppose to be It Lives cut off,Its like a monstro and monstro II thing,as the blue scarf represents a noose,so its another survivor

(2016: actually has a noose,like greed)

-Enters,guarded with 2 bloodshot eyes randomly placed-

The Child FanBoss

Attacks are not offically planned yet,but here are plans-

  • Shoots 8 or 6 Blood tears at isaac around the room
  • spawns posthumous bosses(Monstro II,The Hollow,The Husk and Carrion Queen),along with the same enemies It Lives spawns

    The Child:2016

  • Jumps after isaac,After dropping spits 6/8 blood tears(like peep)
  • Any normal enemy may randomly be replaced by one of its counterparts, including Kamikaze leeches, Holy leeches, bloodshot eyes, spits and Selfless Knight variants respectively.

Phase 2-Low health

  • Spawns Red Creep
  • Spits out a IPECAC tear only once

Unlocked by defeating It Lives 10 Times

-Boss Major In the womb2-

Submitted By uxie126

Original Sin[edit | edit source]

Submitted by CrunchyTommy

Original Sin's appearance is similar to larry jr except green and scaly with a skull for a head

Original Sin's behaviour is a mix of larry jr's and the hollow's,commonly switching from moving diagonally to moving normally,he also occasionaly curls up in the middle and fires 8 brimstone lasers on all 4 corners and all 4 sides,each laser dealing a heart ever 3 seconds if you continuously stand in the way

He has a 60% to replace larry jr,chub,C.H.A.D. or the hollow and a 5% chance to replace any other boss(except mom,satan,mega-satan,???,isaac,the angels and the lamb)

He drops either the forbidden apple or Head of sin

Neo[edit | edit source]

mostly found instead of satan and looks like satan with a krampus head

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

a statue spawns in front of the room

instead of the fallen spawning, krampus spawns instead with 2 leeches

phase 2[edit | edit source]

krampuses head goes on the statue and the statue turns into Neo himself

attacks[edit | edit source]

he can shoot homing tears in all directions

he can also shoot homing brimstone from his hands or his mouth

phase 3[edit | edit source]

neo goes into the sky and acts like satan exept stomps with all 4 legs

drops[edit | edit source]

he can drop any devil room item and a chest in the middle

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