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(By ZangiefB) Mom's Brain is a boss that can sometimes replace Mom's Heart/It Lives as the boss for The Womb 2.

Mechanics Edit

Phase 1 Edit

When the battle starts, the brain has a shield up that makes it immune to tears. Globins, gurgles, hives babies, and leeches will infrequently spawn around the room. The only way to damage the brain in this phase is by killing these mobs, which takes out 15% of its health. Lowering its health to 1% activates phase 2.

Phase 2 Edit

The brain is healed back to full, but its shield is lowered, making it vulnerable to tears again. It will no longer spawn the adds from Phase 1, but gains the following attacks:

  • Summons a random boss from the Basement or Cellar.
  • Shoots a salvo of 5 red projectiles.
  • Fires 8 red projectiles in all cardinal and diagonal directions.
  • Fires a red bomb that leaves red creep in its blast radius.
  • Uses the Hourglass against Isaac.

Phase 3 Edit

Activated when the brain hits 25% health in phase 2, it becomes electrified, damaging Isaac if he gets too close. The red shots fired by the brain become light blue, exploding when they hit a wall or Isaac. Other then this,the attacks of this form are the same as Phase 2.