By ZangiefB

The Famished is a boss that can appear in the Caves and Catacombs. He appears as a thin, pale man with empty, bleeding eye sockets.


At the beginning of the fight, there are four holes at the corners of the room, which will spawn maggots, chargers, and spities at a moderate rate.

If the Famished gets close to one of the maggots spawned by the holes, he will instead chase it and devour it, playing the sound which occurs when Charm of the Vampire procs.

He is very weak at first, but as he consumes maggots, his speed and max HP will become higher, and the strength of his attacks increase. Every 2-4 maggots consumed causes his feed stage to increase.

Feed Stage  Attacks
1 Chases Isaac slowly, occasionally shoots small red shots
2 Chases Isaac at a below average speed, shoots large red shots
3 Chases Isaac at a moderate speed, shoots a salvo of 3 red shots

Chases Isaac at a high speed, occasionally charges like Gemini, shoots red bomb shots that leave red creep where they land

When killed, he will drop a common boss room item.