Toothy (by ZangiefB)
I'm no Rebirth artist, but I think this looks great for a VS screen image.


  • Shoots Brimstone laser in front of him when Isaac is below him
  • Fires a volley of arcing shots
  • Flies off screen and slams on Isaac's position, shooting projectiles in all 8 directions
  • Flies to a random part of the room
  • Screeches at 66% and 33% health, summoning Onetooths
  • Flails tongue in a circle when Isaac is close


Boss Room Pool

Toothy is a boss that can appear in the Caves or Catacombs. He appears as a huge, round bat with two wide horns, a large mouth with a set of short, sharp teeth, and a long, wet, pink tongue.

Attacks Edit

Toothy will fly around the room eradically, occasionally stopping. He is more likely to move if he is taking hits.

  • If the player is below him, he will shoot a Brimstone laser in front of him. Provides very little reaction time, but is telegraphed by Toothy breathing in.
  • Shoots a burst of shots at the player, like Monstro but with more range. Telegraphed by Toothy closing his eyes tightly and inflating his cheeks.
  • If the player is close to him, he will flail his long tongue around in a circle.
  • Flies to another part of the room with a burst of speed, sometimes close to Isaac.
  • Flies upward off the screen quickly, and then slams on the ground where Isaac was standing at the time, firing blood shots in all 8 directions.
  • At 66% and 33% health, he will screech, summoning several Onetooths around the room.

When defeated, he will fall to the ground and explode violently. He drops an item from the boss pool.

Champion Versions Edit

  • Red: He will not fire Brimstone lasers or spit blood, but is much quicker and uses his speed bursts more often.
  • Green: Instead of firing volleys of blood, he spits 4 green bomb shots at Isaac which leave green creep. Spawns Gurgles instead of Onetooths.

Trivia Edit

  • Toothy is loosely based off of Pipistrillo from Castle Crashers, whose name means "bat" in Italian.
  • The horns on Toothy's head is a subtle reference to the Bat Winged Demons in Dark Souls.