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Challenge Name (use heading 3/2)Edit

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Additional info (optional "submitted by") NO BOLDFACE

Custom Run ChallengesEdit


Pick up only familliars or orbit items. The mulligan, the infestation, and the fish head are acceptable.

Forget Me LaterEdit

You must pick up forget-me-now you find. You must then use it upon finishing the next floor. (An exception is made for Sheol or The Chest)

Blind FaithEdit

Curse of darkness and only angel rooms will spawn no shops or treasure rooms


Pick up only books. If you see a library, you have to enter it (unless you have no keys). If you see a book, you must pick it up, even if it's worse than what you have. You also must buy books in the shop if possible. The prayer card and the dead sea scrolls are also acceptable.

No hearts, bubEdit

You cannot pickup anything heart related, so you can't get yum heart, no upgrades, you can't even pick up hearts, nor soul hearts, or the challenge would be done.

Back to BasicsEdit

Do not pick up any item that changes the size or color of the tears your character fires.

Left 4 DeadEdit

Go left unless you can't

Pure skill all the way!Edit

You have to play as the blue baby (??? character) and you are only allowed to pick up soul hearts and bombs.

You are not allowed to use bombs, keys, cards, pills, coins or any other item except for the Poop. This is so god damn hard

I don't want to share! - Multiplayer onlyEdit

Simply put, if player "A" picks up an item, player "B" is not allowed to pick up any related items. When confusion occurs, player "A" decides if the item may be picked up.

To give an example of this is motion player "A" picks up mom's knife the other player cannot pick up any mom related items. Where the item is ambiguous, the rosary for instance, the player picking up the item can decide what category it covers ("Holy" items OR "Items that give soul hearts"). Use of Pills/Tarot Cards is up to the players, Bombs/Keys/Money can be picked up by anyone, and Trinket rules can be decided by players.

The Devil made me do it!Edit

You are allowed to pick up and use bombs, keys, cards, pills, coins and hearts as usual.

You are only allowed to pick up power up/on use items from the devil room.

Exception is the pentagram item. This you are allowed to pick up even outside of the devil room.

I Win These Time Jr. - Multiplayer only bitchEdit

Each person must enter the boss room at the same time. The first person to defeat the boss may pick up the item while the last to finish may not pick up any item inside that boss room. Shop purchases are limited to one (1) per life. The D6 item may only be used on items that spawn from killing a boss or mini-boss and is limited to two uses per floor.

Friendship is Magic run - Multiplayer onlyEdit

This run is a race but it is a race to see who can kill every boss the fastest. Both players must to enter the same boss room at the same time and race to see who can kill the boss the fastest. Now like all good friends you have to share everything. So if player "A" can get in to the item room on a given floor but player "B" cannot then player "A" is not allowed to enter the item room. The same applies for all of the other special rooms. If a player finds the boss room they may not enter until such a time as the other player finds the boss room. Both players must enter the boss room simultaneously. They then race to see who can kill the boss first. If a player dies on any given level the other player (who should be on the same level) must kill themselves so that they can start at the beginning with their best friend!

Exceptions are that you are allowed to pick up coins, keys, bombs, pills and cards independent of the other players ability to do so.


Pick up guppy and defeat Satan twice. After the first time you beat him, kill yourself with a bomb and defeat him again.

The Alphabet Challenge

Items must be picked up in alphabetical order. If an item's name comes before the last item you picked up you must leave it.

Keys, bombs, pills, and cards can be picked up and do not affect the challenge.

OCD RunEdit

You must pick up and use every item you come across, this includes pills, tarot cards, keys, bombs and hearts. If you have a way to access it through using bombs or keys, you must pick it up - even if it's as trivial as a Bomb for a bomb. Once an item has been dropped it cannot be reacquired. You must open every chest you come across. You must enter and clear every possible room on the floor including challenge rooms, Arcades, shops and your prize room before you can fight the boss. When you enter the Arcade you must blow everything up before you move to the next floor. If you get a Satan room, you must go in and buy something with the only exception being if it will kill you.

Hoarder RunEdit

You must take every item you see even if it is a bad spacebar item worse than your current item you must take it. Exceptions are if you can't buy everything in the shop, you don't. But, if you have the money, you MUST buy everything, and pick everything up that you buy. : Pedestal items cannot be picked up once dropped.


You must take all drug-related items (pills, syringes, mushrooms) even if it hurts you. the only reason to not take it is if it's in the shop and you can't afford it. If you happen to find Mom's Pill Bottle, you must take it and keep it for the rest of the run.

Atheist RunEdit

You cannot take items that directly relate to religion. That means: no Whore of Babylon, No Devil Rooms or Books or any other item with a religious connotation. Play only as ???.

The Anton LaVey Memorial ChallengeEdit

You must kill all beggars you see. (You may spend at most one (1) coin on them if you so desire.) If you open a Devil Room, you must enter and, if you can, you must make at least one (1) available item. If you find a Devil Room item outside of the Devil Room you must take it with you. All tarot cards and pills are allowed.

Banned items: The Bible, Book of Revelations, Blood of the Martyr, Guardian Angel, The Halo, The Relic, Rosary and The Wafer.

Bomb SquadEdit

You can't use bombs. Not against bosses, not to reach items, not to enter the secret room or in any other situation. Picking up Dr. Fetus is not advised.

We are familyEdit

You may only collect Familiars or any other item that float around you. Skatole is accepted as it brings you closer to your fly friends.

Damage? Pass.Edit

You may pick up any item except items that increase your damages.

There's No Turning BackEdit

Play as Eve and once you get cursed you are not allowed to get hearts, even if you don't have any spirit hearts.

Don't Be a PussyEdit

​If found Guppy the Cat must be picked up. It is required that you search all available Devil Rooms and Item Shops on each Floor.

D6 RunEdit

The D6 run. Play as Isaac and each Upgrade found (not bombs, keys, hearts, coins)

You must roll a D6 (real life one):

1 - Do not pick it up

2 - Pick it up

3 - Use the D6 to change the item and you must pick up the result

4 - Use the D6 to change the item and you can decide whether to pick up the result

5 - Your decision on using the D6 but you must pick it up

6 - Your decision on using the D6 and on picking it up

If you pick up a spacebar item, you must use immediately and then pick the D6 back up.

Emotionally DisturbedEdit

Only pick up items that cause Isaac's tears to increase in size, speed or damage. You cannot pick items that change tear color, behavior or Isaacs method of attack.

I Love MeatEdit

Can only pick up certain items comprised of meat or have components derived from animals. Such items include the cube of meat and red hearts.

I'm Pretty Fly For A Dead GuyEdit

You are only allowed to play as '???' and pick up only fly and familiar related items (Other than pills, cards, space items, bombs, and keys.) You're also not allowed to pick up flying/floating items. You CAN use judgements and arcades to get items. You can NOT use shops.

I'm Sexy And I Know ItEdit

Only pick up items that visually change you.

Isaac GolfEdit

Just like normal golf, your goal is to get the lowest score out of your friends; however, 'strokes' in this game are counted as follows:

  • Spacebar Item Use: 1
  • Item on Pick-up (Excluding Spacebar Items): 1
  • Tarot Card/Pill Use: 1
  • Death: 5

Grind baby grindEdit

A level must be cleared of all enemies and bosses before any items, pills, or cards may be picked up on said level. Error rooms are exempt.


Try to beat the game picking up only items that hurt you or have the potential to hurt you/take your stats down in some way.

The MedicEdit

You can pick up any item other than ones that are bad for your health such as common cold, Roid rage, and so on. *HP ups are allowed even though they are spoiled food.

Momma's boyEdit

Only get mom's items (E.g. Mom's Knife, Mom's Bra, etc). Coins, keys, bombs and pills are accepted.

Only the STRONG survive...Edit

You can only pick up items (not including bombs and keys) if you are at full health.

No DiceEdit

Don't use the D6, and don't enter any casinos or use any slots, blood donation machines, or beggars. No bombing them either.


You can only pick up items that directly buff one or more of your four starting stats. (damage, speed, range, or tears)

Shopping SpreeEdit

You may not use item rooms, devil rooms, pick-ups (besides keys and money), boss drops or treasure chests: everything you get must be from shops.

Space CowboyEdit

Don't use a single space bar item.

The Vegan ChallengeEdit

Can only pick up items that are not derived from or existing as animals. No meat cubes, hearts etc.

We are the one per-CENTEdit

Gain every possible penny you can get, even at the cost of other items (find secret rooms, open chests, blow out fires, shoot poop).

I like a REAL challengeEdit

Enter every challenge room you see, and always use the pause-to-spawn glitch. You are never allowed to leave a challenge room before the gate opens.

Deal with the devilEdit

The only power ups that you can pick up can be the Deals with the devil and health up items (including soul hearts).


You have to stick with the first Spacebar item, Shot type and Shot modifier you pick up.

Shot types being:

Tears, Brimstone, Technology and Dr. Fetus

Shot modifiers:

Mom's contact, Coal, Spiderbite, Parasite, Spoon bender, Ouija Board, Cupid's Arrow etc...

And you can only pick up a new card or pill if you have none currently.

No Going BackEdit

Play as Eve. You must pick up every item you find. When you find the boss room you must enter, kill the boss and proceed to the next level. You cannot use Sun or World Card. The only exception to immediately descending to the next floor is if a devil room appears. These you may enter before descending.

Ready, steady, FIREEdit

Must remain stationary too shoot. Lust and Satan phase three encounters are exempt.

Socially deviantEdit

When playing as Magdalena or Eve, you can only pick up boy related items.

When playing as Isaac, Cain, Judas, samson, and ??? you can only pick up girly items.

Of course, all unisex items are acceptable.

Here's Looking at You KidEdit

You can only pick up items that increase tears or change the appearance of your eyes.

Bargain HunterEdit

You can only get items from the store if they are half off. You cannot get Steam Sale unless it is dropped by Greed.


Health may only be replenished through picking up half hearts. no full hearts or soul hearts. Health ups are allowed.

The Macho Man ChallengeEdit

You are only allowed to play as Judas.

clear every floor and do the Challenge room on the level.

No bombs, cards and pills.

Only allow yourself to pick up health and damage upgrades, and damaging items.

D.A.R.E. To Resist Drugs and AlcoholEdit

You may not use any pharmaceuticals. Pills, needles or anything considered a drug.


You have to use the slot machine and the beggar until you run out of money as well as having have to use each blood machine at least once. In addition you must Deal With The Devil unless it will result in your death.

DannyBStyle RunEdit

If you encounter any boss run you have to enter it. Once you defeated the boss you can get your boss room item but afterwards that must immediately descend to the next floor. You cannot pickup the map or compass.

PTSD "I Hate you MOTHER!"Edit

You Must not pick up any mother related items, anything that you think mother can give you or she had, that means like spoon or bra's, gamekids, knife, mom's contact or other mother related items.

Jehovah's Witness RunEdit

You have to play as Maggie. You don't believe in Blood Transfusion so recovering health from other's hearts is out of the question. (No red hearts) Blood Machines are also banned. Soul Hearts are fine. If a heart falls on you on accident you won't be penalized. Health up items are also fine. The legitimacy of picking up hearts from little C.H.A.D is to be decided upon by the player.

Like a D6Edit

Players start with Isaac. Any items that are found MUST be rerolled in order to be picked up. If you cannot reroll an item, you cannot pick up the item. Furthermore, if an item is rerolled, it must be picked up, with the exception of the item replacing the space bar item. You can not pick up items that replace the space bar item, even if it is for a short while. Meaning, if you pick up a pill bottle, use it, then take the D6 back, you must restart. Players are not required to pick reroll items, but if they do, it absolutely must be picked up. This also means that if you reroll Devil Room or coin shop items they must be picked up, unless it is unaffordable or picking the item up results in death. If any items that players come across either do not reroll or reroll into the same item, then they must use the D6 before picking it up, either way. If players come across multiple items in one room, and they are all rerolled, they all must be picked up. If a player cannot afford to pick up all, they have a choice for any.


In a single run with any character you have to make sure that you always remove the head first of the following opponents before finishing them off: Frowning Gapers, Gapers and Mr. Mows. If you encounter Gemini/Steven, take out the smaller twin first. If you encounter The Headless horseman take out the head first. +1 point is awarded every time you succeed and -1 is added every time you fail to do this. Score as high as possible

Waste Nothing!Edit

1) As soon as you see a Tarot Card/Pill you must pick it up and use the Tarot Card/Pill immediately regardless the effects of the Tarot Card/Pill unless it kills you.

2) In addition to the above you must pick up every item you see, including Devil Room items unless it kills you.

3) You are not allowed to go into Arcades.

With Friends Like These - Multiplayer onlyEdit

Must be played during a race. Play as Isaac. Each upgrade found (not bombs, keys, hearts, coins) tell the other racer the item and the other racer will decide if you use the D6 or not assuming the D6 is charged. If the other racer decides for D6 use you must use the D6 immediately and pick up the new item. If the D6 is not charged you can decide to pick up the item or not.

Bomber manEdit

Whenever you have bombs or an item that produces bomb attacks of any fashion, you can only attack using the bombs until they are depleted, and only then can you return to firing other weapons. If you wish to use bombs for purposes besides attacking, that is permitted, but as long as you have them you can only attack with them. Optionally, force yourself to always pick up/buy/fight for any item that would give you a bomb attack.

Dr. FrankensteinEdit

You can only use Isaac, Judas or Cain for this run (The D6 of Isaac and the Book of Belial of Judas can not be used in this challenge).

Wrath of the Lamb: Samson is allowed.

Keys, Bombs and Pills are allowed (you can not pick or use any Card or Soul Heart).

You can use the Arcade and the Blood Donation Machine.

The Shell Game and Slot Machine are not allowed to be used (The Beggar is out of use too).

You can not explode the Blood Donation Machine, Shell Game, Slot Machine and the Beggar.

You can go to the Store but only you can purchase any of the items listed below.

Like Dr. Frankenstein you are searching for body parts, so the items you can get are:

Monstro´s Tooth, Yum Heart, Lucky Foot, Mom´s Eye, Heart (<3), Blood Bag, Bucket of Lard and Raw Liver.

Wrath of the Lamb: IV Bag, The Peeper, Polyphemus, Sacred Heart, Steam Cells,

Because you are Doctor and a Scientist also you can pick and use:

Doctor Items: Forget Me Now, Mom´s Bottle of Pills, Mom´s Contacts, PHD, The Virus, Growth Hormones, Roid Rage, Common Cold and Super Bandage.

Wrath of the Lamb: Speed Ball,

Scientist Items: 9 Volt, Battery, Robo-Baby, Technology, X-Ray Vision, Spelunker Hat, Magneto, Teleport! and Doctor´s Remote.

Wrath of the Lamb: Portable Slot, Remote Detonator, Chemical Peel, Technology 2,

Every Mad Scientist start somewhere to experiment so you can pick up: Bob´s Rotten Head, Tammy´s Head, Dead Bird, Guppy (Dead Cat) and Max´s Head.

Wrath of the Lamb: Best Friend, Guppy´s Head, Guppy´s Paw, Dead Dove, Fate, Guppy´s Tail,

Health Items: Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch and Rotten Meat.

Wrath of the Lamb Trinkets:

Cain´s Eye, Cancer, Child´s Heart, Cursed Skull, Eve´s Bird Foot, Fish Head, Goat Hoof, Isaac´s Head, Juda´s Tongue, The Left Hand, Lucky Toe, Pinky Eye, Umbilical Cord, The Polaroid.

Have fun Evil Genius.

Baba YagaEdit

You can only choose Maggy or Eve for this challenge.

When a Card shows up you can choose to do whatever you want with it, but you need to use in the floor you pick it up, you can not let any Card go without use.

Keys and Bombs are allowed (you cannot pick or use Pills).

You can get Hearts and Soul Hearts.

In the Arcade you can only use the Shell Game.

The Blood Donation Machine and Slot Machine can not be used (If a Beggar appear you are freely of use him).

Wrath of the Lamb: Demon Beggar is allowed.

You cannot explode Shell Game, Blood Donation Machine, Slot Machine or the Beggar (Demon Beggar counts too).

You can go to the Store but only you can purchase any of the items listed below.

You can pick and use the following Items:

Magic Items: Book of Belial, Book of Shadows, The Necronomicon, Deck of Cards, The Hourglass, Monstro´s Tooth, My Little Unicorn, Lucky Foot, The Inner Eye, My Reflection, Ouija Board, Pentagram, Spoon Bender and Whore of Babylon.

Wrath of the Lamb: The Candle, Crack the Sky, Crystal Ball, Prayer Card, Telepathy for Dummies, Ankh, Celtic Cross, Fate, Magic 8 Ball, Polyphemus, Sacred Heart, Sacrificial Dagger, Spirit of the Night,

Plants: 1UP, Magic Mushroom, Mini Mush, Odd Mushroom (Thin and Large) and The Sad Onion.

Wrath of the Lamb: The Black Bean,

Animals: A Pony, Tammy´s Head, Charm of the Vampire, Dead Bird, Guppy (Dead Cat), Distant Admiration, Forever Alone, Halo of Flies, Max´s Head, The Parasite, Spider´s Bite and Wiggle Worm.

Wrath of the Lamb: Guppy´s Head, Guppy´s Paw, Spider Butt, Daddy Longlegs, Dead Dove, Guppy´s Tail, Infestation, The Mulligan, Mutant Spider.

Companions: Brother Bobby and Sister Maggy.

Wrath of the Lamb: Abel and Ghost Baby.

Health: Yum Heart, Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch and Rotten Meat.

Wrath of the Lamb Trinkets:

???´s Soul, Ace of Spades, Bloddy Penny, Burnt Penny, Counterfeit Penny, Cursed Skull, Curved Horn, Eve´s Bird Foot, Flat Penny, Fish Head, Goat Hoof, The Left Hand, Liberty Cap, Lucky Toe, A Missing Page, The Tick, The Polaroid.

Iron ChefEdit

As a chef you are trying to cook the best dinner ever so you can only pick:

Meat Items: Heart (<3), Yum Heart, Bucket of Lard, Dead Bird, Raw Liver and Cube of Meat.

Wrath of the Lamb : Dead Dove, MEAT!

Liquid Items: Chocolate Milk.

Wrath of the Lamb : Jesus Juice.

Veggie and Fruit Items: The Bean, Lemon Mishap, 1UP, Magic Mushroom, Mini Mush, Odd Mushroom (Thin, Large) and The Sad Onion.

Wrath of the Lamb : The Black Bean.

Kitchen Items: Mom´s Knife, The Pinking Shears, Spoon Bender and Wooden Spoon.

Wrath of the Lamb : Sacrificial Dagger, Toothpicks.

Health Items: Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner and Lunch.

Wrath of the Lamb Trinkets:

Eve´s Bird Foot, Fish Head, Goat Hoof, Isaac´s Fork, Liberty Cap, Match Stick, The Polaroid (to get access to the last level).


You can pick the following items;


The Bible, The Book of Revelations, Blood of the Martyr, Guardian Angel, The Halo, The Relic, Rosary and The Wafer.

Wrath of the Lamb: Prayer Card, Dead Dove, Fate, Habit, Holy Grail, Holy Water, Mitre, Sacred Heart, Scapular, Jesus Juice.


Book of Belial, The Book of Sin, The Necronomicon, The Nail, Brimstone, Demon Baby, Loki´s Horns, Lord of the Pit, The Mark, Ouija Board, The Pact, Pentagram and Whore of Babylon,

Wrath of the Lamb: Spirit of the Night, Stigmata.

Health items you can pick:

Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Raw liver, Rotten Meat.

Wrath of the Lamb Trinkets:

Maggy´s Faith, The Polaroid.

You can use Keys, Bombs but not Cards and Pills.

You can pick Hearts and Soul Hearts.

The Number OneEdit

Any character can be used; any health items, soul hearts, regular hearts, and normal power ups can be used with the following exceptions.

  1. You are allowed to pick up only one ( 1 ) space bar item. You can reroll but once you have picked up something other than the starting item for your character you cannot trade it out.
  2. You can only pick up one ( 1 ) shot power up that changes your tears (examples Technology, Dr. Fetus, or Brimstone). You can still however use pills to increase your power, range, etc.

The Merchant of VeniceEdit

You may use any character for this run.

§ 1. You cannot use any money (i.e. no Beggars, Stores, or Gambling).

§ Fortune machines (Wrath of the Lamb DLC) are alllowed, for general use and for finding The Polaroid.

§ 2. You can only use spacebar items once per floor (you can switch and utilize other spacebar items on the floor, but you can only use them once as well).

§ This condition does not apply for items that recharge via one room (Tammy's Head, the Bean) or do not use charge (Kamikaze, the Razor Blade).

§ 3. You can only use keys on chests (using them on locked barriers is not allowed)

§ 4. You can only use bombs to acquire chests, obtain pick-ups, x stones, and only on walls if you know the location of the secret room for certain (i.e. you must have the Map)

§ You can also use them to acquire more money if you want to prepare for the "Money = Power" upgrade or for use on the Fortune machines.

§ In the event that you get Doctor Fetus, Epic Fetus, or IPECAC ignore this condition.

§ 5. If you pick up a tarot card and find another one, you must use the tarot card you have in your position (this only applies if you actually want the Tarot Card on the ground).

§ 6. You may pick up any Trinket but the Tick, unless you acquire Mom's Purse beforehand.

§ 7. (Optional) You cannot use Blood Donation Machines

§ 8. (Optional) You cannot use Bombs to destroy Blood Donation Machines, Slot Machines, and Beggars.

Negative Pill ChallengeEdit

Play as anyone but Cain.

PHD and Lucky Foot are banned. If either of these are picked up you must restart.

Pick up and immediately use any pill you find. If the pill has a positive effect, it cannot be used again. If it's a negative effect, it must be picked up and used again.

Scarce ResourcesEdit

You may use any character.

You may only Use 1 Of each item per floor (e.g. Pill , Bomb , Key , Card And Space Item).

You are allowed to use as many coins as you desire.

This means you can only either go into the shop or the item room each floor, Unless You Find The Hermit/The Stars Card, Though You Cannot Use Both.

You can only use a space Item Once each room, so use it wisely.

Reina del SurEdit

You can only use Maggie or Eve for this challenge.

Cards cannot be used. If you find Pill Items you must always use them.

You cannot pickup Soul Hearts. You can't spend any coins on the beggar or arcade

Items you can pickup;

Female: Mom´s Bra, Mom´s Pad, Mom´s Contacts, Mom´s Heels, Mom´s Lipstick, Mom´s Underwear and Super Bandage.

Weapons: Doctors Remote, Kamikaze!, Mr. Boom, The Nail, Razor Blade, The Pinking Shears, Bobby-Bomb, Boom!, Cupid´s Arrow, Mom´s Knife, Mr. Mega, Technology, Transcendence and Wired Coat Hanger.

Drugs: Forget Me Now, Mom´s Bottle of Pills, 1UP, Magic Mushroom, Mini Mush, Odd Mushroom (Thin and Large), Growth Hormones, Roid Rage and The Virus.

Companions allowed: Brother Bobby, Demon Baby, Little CHAD, Little Chubby, Little Steve, Robo Baby and Sister Maggy.

Health Items allowed: Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Raw liver and Rotten Meat.

Escaping the MatrixEdit

Every time you see a RED pill you need to pick it up and use it (even if it hurts you or reduce your stats), you can not use BLUE pills, the other pills you can choose to do whatever you want.

You can pick Hearts but no Soul Hearts.

Finally only the health items you can pick are Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Raw Liver and Rotten Meat.

The Geek, the Nerd and the GamerEdit

You can choose whoever you want.

Keys, Bombs, Cards and Pills are allowed.

Items you can pick:

The Geek: Deck of Cards, The D6, Forget Me Now, The Hourglass, Monster Manual, Shoop Da Whoop!, My Little Unicorn, A Pony, 9Volt, Battery, The Sad Onion, Charm of the Vampire, Lucky Foot, Ouija Board and X-Ray Vision.

Wrath of the Lamb: D20, Crystal Ball, Magic 8 Ball, Polyphemus, Squeezy.

The Nerd: Anarchist Cookbook, The Bible, Book of Belial, The Book of Revelations, Book of Shadows, The Book of Sin, The Necronomicon, The Compass, The Map, PHD, Spider´s Bite, Wiggle Worm, Distant Admiration, Forever Alone and Halo of Flies.

Wrath of the Lamb: Spider Butt, Telepathy for Dummies, Daddy Longlegs, The Mulligan, Mutant Spider.

The Gamer: Doctor´s Remote, Th Gamekid, Heart (<3), 1UP, Bobby-Bomb, Bomb Bag, Cube of Meat, Little Gish, Magic Mushroom, Mini Mush, Mr. Mega, Skeleton Key, Spelunker Hat, Steven and Super Bandage.

Wrath of the Lamb: The Candle, Notched Axe, Portable Slot, SMB Super Fan!, MEAT!

Health Items: Breakfast, Dessert, Dinner, Lunch, Raw Liver and Rotten Meat.

Wrath of the Lamb Trinkets:

Ace of Spades, A Missing Page, Lucky Toe, Bloody Penny, Burnt Penny, Counterfeit Penny, Flat Penny, The Polaroid.

You need to have at least one item of each title (Geek, Nerd and Gamer) before you defeat Mom´s Heart to win the challenge.

Suicide BomberEdit

If any bomb or bomb-like item/card/pill (Dr. Fetus, Bob's Rotten Head, Kamikaze!, The Tower, Anarchist Cookbook, Explosive Diarrhea) is used, you must stand in the blast radius and take damage if possible. You must use at least one bomb or bomb-like item/card/pill before leaving the current floor if you have one or are able to pick one up even if this would kill you. If Kamikaze! is encountered, it must be picked up if you can afford it and it must remain as your spacebar item for the rest of the run. You do not have to stand in the blast radius of enemies that explode or have explosive effects or objects that explode (troll bombs, TNT barrels) and doing so will not fulfill your one per floor requirement.

Chuck Norris (Hard to beat challenge)Edit

You will play the game normally~ but don't take damage while managing the run. So if you touch a enemy~ you'll have to start the whole playthrough all over again.

The True End comes from The BeginingEdit

Time to beat mom's heart the way she should have been, from the very beginning. You must play as Isaac only. You may not use items unlocked by beating the game, Satan, or beating every Boss on a floor. Items that drop from bosses that unlock after beating the game are also not allowed. Items unlocked by other means are allowed.

Realistic InventoryEdit

You have a carry weight limit that is measured in arbitrary units (au). The maximum weight that you can carry is 3au. A key weighs 1au and bomb weighs 2au. A tarrot card weighs 0.5au. A skeleton key will be counted as taking up 2au until you have gotten rid off all but two keys at which point the keys can be treated as individual keys.

The TheifEdit

Play as any character. You are only allowed to pick up items that state that they belong to somebody (Mom items, Bob's Rotten Head, My Reflection, Max's Head, etc.) All HP up's are allowed. Picking up keys/bombs/hearts/pennies are allowed, along with pills and tarot cards.

Best items that you dont needEdit

Play with any character. You are not allowd to pick up Dr.Fetus, brimstone, Moms knife, 1up, book of revaltions,the battery, the 9volt and no soul hearts.


Start a run as Judas, you are allowed to obtain any item you come across. You are only allowed 3 hearts. At the start of each 3rd room, you have to charge through the middle and grab the attention of any mobs in the room. Kite them around and kill them. If you come across brimstone, you are allowed to pick it up but if it's Mom's knife, you must leave it. For best effect, scream the title of this challenge, even if you are in a public place.

Suicide RunEdit

  • As soon as you can you must perform the glitch where you have no health. (refer to the List of Glitches page)

F.D.C. AddictionEdit

  • You can use whoever you want!
  • You have to pick up all Food, Drug, or Card Related Item
  • You must Use all Food, Drug, or Card Related item no matter what it may be.

Grocery ShoppingEdit

You can only pick up food related items. Bob's Rotten Head counts.

Half-Heart OCDEdit

If your health consists of a half heart you must get rid of it in any way possible, that includes damaging yourself. If you have any half hearts leaving a room the challenge run is considered a failure.


  • Can only play as ???
  • No bombs or keys can be used.
  • Must explore every room on a floor that is possible with the previous rule.

Veto Challenge - Multiplayer OnlyEdit

Both players must use the same character. During the run, each player must announce any item they see before they pick it up. The other player is allowed to veto that item for the rest of the game. Players are allowed 3 vetos each, and they reset upon death.

Trinkets, pills, and cards cannot be vetoed. If an item is in a shop or a devil room, the veto must be declared as soon as it is seen for the first time, regardless of whether or not it can be purchased by the player.

The first player to defeat the final boss (the choice between hell and the cathedral is up to the players) is the winner. Picking up an item without asking for a veto is immediate disqualification, and the player must restart the game.

Veto+ ChallengeEdit

All the rules of the above challenge apply, but the players are also each allowed 1 force pickup. (aka, a player can require that his/her opponent pick up an item, even if they do not want it.) This cannot be done with items found in the devil room or the item shop.

Million Dollar DreamEdit

Play as any character. You must pick up every possible coin you can get (Similar to the We are the one per-CENT challange). However, you cannot spend ANY coins on this challenge even if you reach 99 coins. That means you cannot use the store, gamble, or give to the beggar.

Aperture BoyEdit

Let's practice Science !

GlaDOS is tired of thinking with Portals and want to explore new grounds !

You must pick Isaac.

The rules are the following (the whole items you can pick are listed at the end) :

You are NOT allowed to pick up food : Did you even seen Chell eat something ? Waste of time. Waste of energy. Believe us, you don't need that.

Soul Hearts, Books and Tarot Cards are NOT allowed : you're here to make serious Science, don't pervert your mind in ridiculous superstitions such as magic or religion.

Keys and bombs are allowed (bombs are Science, keys are leading you to Science).

If you pick a Pill, you must eat it immediately if you don't know what it does. Enjoy your Experiment !

If you see a Science-related item, you must pick immediately if it is possible and it doesn't kill you, even if the room is full of monsters and if you must go through a wall of spikes while wasting your last bomb.

Fly pets are allowed for animal research.

You're NOT allowed to shoot poops and blast special rocks : you'll never find Science here.

Don't feed the Beggar, keep your money for research. Which means that the shops are allowed, but if you see a Science-related Item, you must buy it at any price, and pick the very last penny of the very last room if it is necessary. If you can't, you failed at your research and you're not allowed to use shops for the rest of the run.

Pacts with the Devil and Holy items are not allowed.

You are only allowed to pick Science-related items, which are : Blood bag IV, Doctor's Remote, Forget Me Now, The Gamekid, Kamikaze !, Mom's Bottle Of Pills, Mr. Boom, Teleport !, Portable Slot, Remote Detonator, 1 Up, 9 Volt, Battery, Blood Bag, Bobby Bomb, Bomb Bag, Boom !, The Common Cold, The Compass, Distant Admiration, Dr. Fetus, Forever Alone, Growth Hormones, Halo of Flies, Magic Mushroom, Mini Mush, Mom's Contact, Mr Mega, Odd Mushroom(s), The Parasite, PHD, Robo-Baby, Roid Rage, Spelunker Hat, Spider's Bite, Technology, The Virus, X-Ray Vision.

And, if you have Wrath of the Lamb : Bob's Curse, Chemical Peel, Epic Fetus, Icepac, Mutant Spider, The Peeper, Polyphemus, Pyro, Speed Ball, Stem Cells, Technology 2, Cancer, Umbilical Cord.

If you find the challenge too hard, you can allow yourself to get 3 Holy items/Devil items, since GladOS herself needed three add-ons to work well.

Super IsaacEdit

You're a super-hero !

You're allowed to pick-up one pet per run : your epic sidekick ! (Flies are sidekicks)

You're allowed to pick-up one tears modificator per run (Anything changing the shape or effect of the tears, from the Ouija Board to Technology) : your super-power !

You can personnalize your hero in four ways for more fun ! Choose between A and B, then 1 and 2.

A) The Superman : You don't bother throwing useless gadgets and stuff to your eneies, your heroic stamina is your only force ! You can pick-up three power-ups (understand : items which increase your health, damages, speed, etc, or give you abilities such as flying) per run, but neither bombs, nor pills, tarot cards or trinckets. And you're not allowed to shop !

B) The Iron Man : Superpowers ? Who need that ? You can pick up as much as pills, tarot cards, trinckets and bombs as you wish, and go to shops, but only one power-up allowed per run.

1) The Avatar : Fight for the Light, the Truth and the Justice ! All devilish items are prohibed. If you see a beggar, you must feed him until he flies away or you run out of money : help the poor fellows ! If you see an evil beggar, bomb-it if possible, or ignore him ! You must choose Sheol in order to beat the Evil !

2) The Dark Knight : Fight for the Darkness, the Evil and the Chaos ! All holy items are prohibed. If you see a beggar, bomb-it if possible, or ignore him. If you see an evil beggar, you must give-him all your health until you're about to die or he leaves you. You must choose Cathedral in ordre to triumph of the Light !

The Emo Challenge

Play as Eve. You must take damage at least once in each room with enemies or bosses in it. Entering the Curse Room is required unless entering or exiting it would kill you. You cannot run from Mega Troll Bombs.

Collecting pick-ups is okay, with the exception of soul hearts which are taboo.

You must pick up the following items as soon as you see them (unless you don't have enough money/hearts to buy it): Razor Blade, Blood Rights, Red Patch, SMB Super Fan, Sacrificial Knife, Mom's Knife, The Mulligan, Infestation, My Reflection, as well as any pills and cards you come across. Any other items are off limits, aside from health-increasers.

Balls of Steel and Telepills are taboo once identified. You cannot use the following cards: Joker, Hierophant, The Moon, The Hermit, The Stars.

I Got 99 Problems...Edit

Get 99 keys, 99 bombs AND 99 cents in one playthrough (Note: this IS possible! I have seen it been done). You may spend coins as well as use keys and bombs, but you must end the playthrough with 99 of everything.


You start as Maggie who at this point is not Maggie but Mom. Your goal is to kill Isaac.

You are only allowed to pick up one item per floor (Basement, Cave, Utero, ...) except when there is more than one Mom item (this includes "Mom's Pearl" and "Coin Purse"). You have to pick up all Mom items if you are able to. If there is one Mom item and a non-Mom item you have to pick the Mom Item. If you own Mom's Bra and find Mom's Pad you have to pick up Mom's Pad. Except for Mom's Bra and Pad there are no spacebar items allowed.

The following items, pick-ups, etc. aren't allowed (basically anything angelic resp. christian): eternal heart, soul heart, the Hierophant, Maggy's Faith, Jesus Juice, Dead Dove, Holy Grail, Sacred Heart, Holy Water, Celtic Cross, The Habbit, Scapular, Prayer Card, Guardian Angel, The Wafer, The Halo, The Relic, The Bible, Rosary, Book of Revelations, Blood of The Martyr

(If this isn't challenging enough you can always chose your items from Mom's perspective. What would Mom do?

ring of death Edit

you start whit brimstone and the ludovico technique

goal: maga saintan

Later, Lasers!Edit

As Isaac, you start with Boom!, Shoop-da-Whoop!, Technology, and Technology 2. You are not allowed to pick up any other items, whether it be from chests, item rooms, deals with the devil/angel, shops, libraries, or if they were dropped by the boss. You are also not allowed to go into secret rooms, curse rooms, sacrifice rooms, or arcades. You are, however, allowed to pick up hearts, spirit hearts, bombs, keys, and money. Every, I repeat, EVERY room that is not a secret, curse, sacrifice, item, shop, library, or arcade room must be visited before continuing to the next floor. Your goal is to get to and defeat It Lives!. Have fun raging!

Wrath of the Lamb Custom ChallengesEdit

Pure RageEdit

You must play as Samson without treasure rooms all the way to the cathedral boss.

God's Good Graces

You are only allowed to play as Judas. Pick up holy items and head for Cathedral.

The Devil's Favorite Demon

You are only allowed to play as Eve. Pick up unholy items and head for Sheol.

A Challenge Within a ChallengeEdit

Select the "9 Deaths" challenge. Once started, you must do the following:

-You cannot collect any HP ups of any degree. Even if it provides other stats.

-You cannot collect any other familliars than Guppy.

-If found any spacebar item you must use it once. Prayer card is excluded.

-Flying items are NOT ALLOWED.

-If found boss room must immediatly go into it. Allowed to go out again to continue exploring.

The Sixty Billion Double Dollar ManEdit

You're only allowed to play as Samson.

  • Only allowed to pick up shot modifiers (plain health is okay) with Bible and Prayer Card being your only Spacebar Item


{C}See Athiest Challange*

Your only companions are Rainbow Baby, Ghost Baby, Daddy's Love, Steven, Lil Chub, CHAD, Robo Baby and Harlequin Baby*

Life is PreciousEdit

1: Play as Maggy.
2: No intentional damage.
3: No taking items that could damage you.
4: No items or trinkets that trigger off of damage.
Taking an unidentified Bad Trip or Health Down pill does not void the run.

Specifially, no:
Curse Rooms, Blood Donation Machines, Devil Beggars, Devil Rooms

Or these items:
Anarchist's Cookbook, Ankh, Best Friend, Black Bean, Blood Rights, Bob's Rotten Head, Dead Bird, Dead Cat, Dead Sea Scrolls, Dr. Fetus, Epic Fetus, Guppy's Paw, Habit, Holy Water, Infestation, Ipecac, IV Bag (If you were to somehow get it), Kamikaze, Mr. Boom, Razor Blade, Whore of Babylon

Or these Trinkets
A Missing Page, Cursed Skull, The Polaroid, Red Patch, Umbilical Cord

Or these Tarot Cards
The High Priestess, The Tower

The Redemption or Damnation of JudasEdit

You must play as Judas. You may pick up all trinkets, hearts, soul hearts (if damned), eternal hearts (if seeking redpemption), bombs, keys, and money. You may also replace your space item at any time you chose.

You are seeking redemption for your past sins as Judas. You are allowed to pick up any item (except soul hearts) or any item unholy in nature.

You are not allowed to use the Book of Belial. If you do, then you have chosen to fall back to the path of damnation.

Once you decide to fall back to the damnation of your soul, you are no longer allowed to pick up items that increase your health, eternal hearts or holy items.

If you choose to stay holy, then you must go to Sheol to defeat Satan and finish the purification of your soul ( you are not allowed to use the Book of Belial here if you have kept it). If you fell back to the path of wickedness then you are to go to the Cathedrale and blow out the final candle of purity left within your darkened soul forever.

Quick ref:

If redemption is your path

1) All items are avalible to you, but you are not allowed soul hearts or unholy items

2) If you stayed this path your final battle is with Satan and you are not allowed to use Book of Belial if you have kept it.

If damnation is your path

1) All items are avalible to you except, eternal hearts, holy items, or items that increase your health.

2) If you have fallen then you must go to Cathedrale and battle with Issac.

The Enhanced d6 RunEdit

A Wrath of the Lamb version of a very well thought out challenge run up in the regular section.

The Enhanced D6 Run. Play as Isaac, and for each item found (passives and spacebars) you must roll a D6 (real life one).

If it lands on a...

1 - Do not pick it up.

2 - Pick it up.

3 - Use the D6 to change the item and you must pick up the result.

4 - Use the D6 to change the item and you can decide whether to pick up the result.

5 - Your decision on using the D6 but you must pick it up.

6 - Your decision on using the D6 and on picking it up.

If you pick up a spacebar item, you must use it immediately and then pick the D6 back up.

Only trinkets that increase the drop rate of items and the Polaroid can be picked up.

If you find the d20 you cannot pick it up.

If you cannot re-roll an item (if instructed to) that you found by the end of the floor, you cannot pick up that item.

Devil Room items must be picked up if instructed unless it kills you. You can choose either one you like. Same goes for Libraries.

You must enter every Curse Room unless it will set you to half a heart or kill you.

Due to how many items can appear on a floor as of Wrath of the Lamb, using an infinite item charge cheat is allowed if don't want extra challenge.

Not Hungry Today ?Edit

{C Only play as cain, judas or samson

main rule DO NOT pickup or use any items that makes your charater "eat" an item

NO pills , dinner ect. Unfortunate for you that mean a lot of health upgrades are not allowed

if you pickup an item that puts your health up if you get over 2 max hearts end your run and restart

(soul heart ARE allowed) A simple but hard challenge

P.S. Don't make deal with devil if you have soul hearts to keep you alive basically No deals with the devil ---- Angel room allowed.

have fun and enjoy.

I Need A Doctor!Edit

You are only allowed to pick up medical-related items. This includes trinkets. All pills you find you must take, even if it will have a negative effect on you. You can also pick up items and trinkets that are human body parts, such as Raw Liver, Umbilical Cord, Lucky Foot/Toe, Polythemus, ect. If you come across a Sacrificial room, you must use it at least once with the exception of it killing you (reason being you would get hurt, needing a doctor). Any kind of item that would harm a person is allowed, such as the SMP Super Fan or Transcendence (The Noose). Tarot Cards are not allowed.

Tommy The Cat Mk. IIEdit

-Any character allowed (Isaac Recommended)

-Must pick up all Guppy-related items

-Can pick up any vile items such as Ipecac, poison bombs, and the Common Cold

It's a Pirate's Life for MeEdit

Complete The Chest with Treasure Map and Compass collected.


Bloody love

You must pick up any health item possible nothing else(but keys and coins).

If you see a heart donation machine you must use at least 5 times.

You must use maggy.

You are not able to blow up any heart donation machines.

You can not get any soul hearts.

You can still use a Devil Begger.

The list of items trinkets and tarot cards relating to hearts:

Items: Yum heart/Blood Rights/IV Bag/<3/1 Up/Blood Bag/Breakfast/Bucket of lard/Charm of Vampire/Dead Cat/Dessert/Dinner/Little Chad/Lunch/Magic Mushroom/Odd Mushroom(large)/PHD/Raw Liver/Rotten Meat/Wafer/Box/Fate/Holy Grail/MEAT!/Sacred Heart/Stem Cells

Trinkets:Bloody Penny/Child's Heart/Isaac's Fork/Polaroid/Cursed Skull

Tarot Cards:VI the lovers/XI Strength/XVI the Temperance/XX Judgement


  • Play as Blue Baby (???)
  • Start with x3 Brother Bobby and Book of Shadows
  • Beat the chest or the dark room

By SevenHill


  • Play as Isaac
  • Start with 3x Mini mush
  • Beat The Chest
  • No Shops and Arcade Rooms

By SevenHill

Class Based AdventureEdit

  • You must take into account your character's class in the challenge list and their item specifi Thecations. You can use Edmund McMillen's classes for the characters, or use the ones made for the challenge. I will allow ANYONE ELSE to do a version for Edmund's Classes because I'm lazy.
  • Samson- The Juggernaut: Defensive items, damage up, and fire rate up. Books are not allowed.
  • Isaac- The Warrior: ALL Tears up, Books, health ups, pills, and trinkets are allowed. The Polaroid must be picked up if found, due to being able to slay the final boss.
  • Maggy- Preistess: EVERYTHING involving health, and Holy Items.
  • Eve- Summoner: Familiars, Dead Dove, Spirit of the night, you MUST pick up Monster Manual if you find it.
  • Judas- Battlemage: Offensive items, Items involving magic AT ALL, Spacebar Items are a choice EXCEPT for the Nail, which you HAVE to pick up.
  • Cain- Assassain: Items a sneaky person would use, such as speed ups. You may pick up damage ups and fire rate ups. If you find Mom's Knife or Sacrifical Dagger, you MUST pick it up.
  • ???- BANANA!: Familiars, weird, creepy, odd, gross, and funny items. If you find Lemon Mishap, you MUST pick it up until you find Holy Water or Mom's Pad. "He's the Banana because the wind said so."

{C}Have Fun, -The Blaze

\Demon Vs. Goddess/ - Multiplayer onlyEdit

To do this challenge, one player plays as Eve, (Demon) and the other player plays the Isaac Was Good Today challenge. Both will race to the womb and see who completes Mom's Heart / It Lives in Womb 2 or Utero 2. Whoever beats the boss first will win a cookie.

Got Your BackEdit

You are allowed to play as any character, but you must go to the Cathedral and, if possible, The Chest. You are only allowed to pick up the following items/trinkets: Bob's Rotten Head, D6, Forget Me Now, Monster Manuel, Monstro's Tooth, Mr. Boom, A Pony, The Pinking Shears, Tammy's Head, Best Friend, Guppy's Head, Guppy's Paw, White Pony, Bobby Bomb, Bomb Bag, Brother Bobby, Cubes of Meat, Dead Bird, Guppy (Dead Cat), Distant Admiration, Demon baby, Forever Alone, Guardian Angel, Halo of Flies, Little C.H.A.D, Little Chubby, Little Gish, Little Steve, Max's Head, Mr. Mega, The Parasite, The Relic, Robo-Baby, Sack of Pennies, Skatole, Sister Maggy, Steven, Abel, Bobs Curse, Bum Friend, Daddy Longlegs, Ghost Baby, Guppy's Hairball, Harlequin Baby, Infestation, Mom's Purse, The Mulligan, The Peeper, Rainbow Baby, Sacrificial Dagger, Stem Cells, ???'s Soul, Eve's Bird Foot, Fish Head, Isaac's Head, Holy Water, The Polaroid, and The Umbilical Cord.

You may pick up as many coins, keys, bombs, cards, hearts, soul hearts and pills as you want.

You are allowed to use your current spacebar item until it is possible to be replaced.Should you come across any of these items you MUST take them, unless you can't afford them or you currently have a spacebar item or trinket above and wish to keep it.

If you find the Monster Manuel or the Polaroid, you MUST take them no matter what and go to The Chest. You are also allowed to take the Tick if you so wish, but if you find the Polaroid and cannot take it, the challenge is considered a fail.

(Optional Multiplayer) Whenever one of you gets one of the items above, none of the others can get that item, with the exception of the Tick, the Monster Manuel, and The Polaroid

4 Way IntergamingEdit

You must play with 4 players everyone must play the same character when 1 guys dies everyone restarts

if you play a challenge everyone must be able to too and play that challenge

when one guy finishes a lv or finds a trap door he/she must wait for eveyone else to get to that spot to procede

each player when they finish a room, find an item, find a tinted rock, decide to unlock a room, go to sheol or catherdral, kill a boss, find a devil room, find a chest, find a curse room, find a challenge room, use a D6, fight a boss, enter an arcade, choose a trinket, play an arcade game, search for top secret or secret room, use and unknown pill, or blow up an arcade game YOU MUST ask what to do from your other 3 guys playing this challenge with you.

(please if you can upload you game with this challenge and message me on steam at set the destroyer so i can see how much my challenge messes people up) and yes i will try this for myself

Theres One Time For EverythingEdit

You May Only Use Any Type of item Once (This means you can only use 1 Key , 1 Bomb , 1 Use of each Space item collected ,1 Tarot Card And 1 Pill Per Floor) You Can Pick Up As Many items as you want , and use as many coins as you desire XD

-Tylerthedragon ( Thy Great One)


  • First to find triachnid/beat wins must play as cain
  • items you can not get
  • no flying items
  • and no guppy items
  • any fetus


  • You Have To Play as Judas
  • You Can't spend ANY money. The one with the most Cash wins.
  • The American Pound isn't allowed.
  • You must beat Isaac.

kill every one you meetEdit

kill all monsters/beggers/ect

must get to chest and beat dead baby

Keeping it Old SchoolEdit

  • You can't Have any Wrath Of The Lamb items.
  • You must beat Satan
  • Play as Isaac.
  • Pills are Acceptable.
  • No rerolling Lil' C.H.A.D.

I'd Like It Purple, Please!Edit

Have 12 Hearts, Both Normal And Ghost Hearts At The Same Time. (??? Hard*)

By SuperCutieDraggy

(*=Somewhere Close To The Hard Point)

Loki FanaticEdit

Start with Loki's Horns,The Mark, and The Book of Belial

You cannot pick up any item thats holy in nature (exp. Enternal hearts, The Bible)

By Greygoo64

There Is the Traitor, Your MajestyEdit

Play as Isaac. You start off with the Halo and Fate. You must take every demonic item you see and visit all devil rooms. (You must also take demonic items in devil rooms, unless you cannot afford them in HP.) You must avoid all angel rooms and holy items. If you find an item room, you may only take the item if it is demonic. The goal is to defeat Isaac.

Submitted by ZangiefB.