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Duke Of Souls
Portrait 67.2 dukeofsouls
Base HP
Stage HP
Found In
The Basement

The Cellar

Dropped Items
Distant Admiration

Forever Alone
The Bible
'Friends forever!' pill

Created by
Unlocked By
Defeating Steven

Defeating C.H.A.D.
Defeating Gish
in one playtrough

Duke Of Souls is commonly found as the replacement of Duke Of Flies.


Duke Of Souls has got three phases.

Phase OneEdit

  • Splits scythes that home on you. They are destroyed with 1 hit.
  • Vanishes temporarily[1].
  • Splits into 2 copies of himself, much like Envy, but one of them is invincible.

Phase TwoEdit

In the phase two, its eye separates from his body.

  • The eye shoots a blood beam.
  • The body splits an invincible homing scythe that is destroyed after 6 seconds. It's very fast.
  • The eye returns to the body, then shoots a purple laser, and they separate again.
  • You are given the explosive diarrhea pill effect (the eye is immune to bombs).
  • The eye gets 5 second invincibility and charges at you until it wears off.


  1. This is alerted when it smiles.