Ultra EnvyEdit

By ZangiefB

The Seven Deadly Ultra Sins are even farther evolved versions of the seven deadly sins. They are very rare and powerful. They even get their own music.


All four of Ultra Envy's forms.

Ultra Envy is a miniboss sometimes replacing Envy.

Instead of splitting into three like his super counterpart, Ultra Envy splits into four, very quickly crowding the room if not managed. Also, when any of the fourth pieces is destroyed, it shoots eight blood projectiles in every direction in the same manner as Loki.

On death, he will drop one of the following:

  • Shoop da Whoop
  • The Pinking Shears
  • The Peeper
  • Any fly-related item excluding Skatole
  • Super Troll Bomb (Rare)

Suggestion: Each phase has it's own ability. The first fires projectiles that split like the parasite. The second charges at isaac after blinking twice. The third can fuse back into the second if it touches annother third, and the last blows up if it touches Issac.

Ultimate EnvyEdit

By Clawshotter

Ultimate Envy is a miniboss sometimes replacing Envy or Super Envy.

Short Description

Looks like Envy, except he is red, he has crazy, wide eyes and a massive grin. He floats around the room at approximately double the speed of the normal Envy.


  • Splits into four when he takes enough damage.
  • Shoots blood in 8 directions and drops a troll bomb when a tiny part is killed.


  • Distant Admiration
  • Forever Alone
  • Abel