The gulper is a creature that looks like gluttony and if your in range it will Shoot a hook/hand that will grab the player. If it gets a direct hit it will swallow the causes 1 heart every 5 seconds. Instead of having issac explode he will be in the stomach of the gulper being digested if issac dies. Issac can break free of its grasp if her plants a bomb while being dragged.

Ultra Gluttony Edit

By ZangiefB

Ultra Gluttony is a miniboss sometimes replacing Gluttony. (Picture is in progress)


  • Beam:
    • Shoots blood lasers in a + pattern simuntaneously.
    • Shoots blood lasers in an X pattern simuntaneously.
    • Shoots a huge blood laser that does one heart of damage. This does not go in a + pattern.
  • Pop:
    • Spawns 1-2 Vises or Double Vises.
    • Causes an explosion on himself. Ultra Gluttony isn't damaged by this, but the player can be.
    • Fires four bombs in random directions that spawn a large wave of blood similar to monstro's super hop when they land.


  • 3-5 random heart pickups
  • Black Bean
  • Bucket of Lard
  • Brimstone (Rare)

Ultra GluttonyEdit

A boss in the Necropolis, super-evolved version of Gluttony.Looks like Super Gluttony, but red-tinted and has 4 bloody sacks on all sides.(Similar to Double Vis). It has 3 forms:

Form 1:

-Stands in a center of the room

-Shoots blood beams in + formation and then in X formation.

-Shoots blood beams in * formation

-Charges and shoots a large Monstro-burst of green bombs(6-12 bombs in a burst)

When the first form is defeated, the sack that is on the back of the boss explodes in a burst of big bullets and 2 side sacks are moved slightly to the front.

Form 2:Behaves like super gluttony, but the blood beam shot is 3-spread both from the front and the back and the ring shot is...well, 6 cyan homing green bombs(LOL).Sometimes spawns Chubbers.

When form 3 is defeated, the front sack explodes in the burst of large bullets.Then Ultra gluttony teleports to the center of the room and blood sacks start slowly orbiting around him.

Form 3: Sacks fire a constant blood beam that rotates along with them.Ultra gluttony itself will constantly fire green bombs and sometimes spawns double spiders(aka Big Spiders), spider hoppers(aka Trite) and Vis. When defeated, will drop either a Big Heart(75% chance, +2 container hearts + full health) or a Blood Sack(25% chance, familiar, fires a monstro-shot).