Chubby HostEdit

180px-Chubby Host
Host that fires a mini chub at Isaac when, he is in range, much like Chubby Vis. However, it can only fire vertically or horizontally and not diagonally. Usually found in the Catacombs in groups of 2 - 4, it has a limited range but can deal 1 whole heart of damage. They can be identified by their green guts they reveal when they open fire. note: the host will only fire if one is directly in its line of sight, behind it, or on the sides of it. Move quickly and take advantage of the period, when the Host fires to deal damage.

Psychic HostEdit

Psychic Host
Host that fires 1 homing shot once the player is in its range. They are equipt with the spoon bender ability which is seen by the eye when they open fire. Also is circled by an eternal fly. These types of hosts are noted by their blue colored guts as well as their guardian flies. They are spotted in groups of 2 to 4 in the cathedral and on rare occassions replace regular Hosts or Chubby Hosts.



Skeletons are enemies very similar to Gapers in that they chase you, only at half the speed. Once killed, a Host will spawn where the Skeleton died. They are common in floors the depths and cathedral and sometimes appear in necropolis.

By Conorbebe

Original artwork by colddyshadow

Bonehead Edit

Hosts that fire out a spinning bone that boomerangs back to them. By Mnemonical.

Laser Host Edit

Its an Host that shoots lasers instead of Blood Bullets he can only shot in this + Pattern, He Shoot his laser

only when the player is near. Edit

Spawn Places Normal Edit

The Dephts 1/2

The Womb 1/2


Spawn Places Wrath of the Lamb

Necropolis 1/2/XL

Utero 1/2/XL

The Chest

The Dephts XL

The Womb XL