For the boss of the I AM ERROR room, see John (Boss).
John (Character)
John (Character) App
Health HUD Red HeartHUD Red HeartHUD Red Heart
Damage 4
Tears 2
Shot Speed Unknown
Range 2
Speed 1
Luck Unknown
Starting Items
Pickups None
Items Book of Revelations
Cube of Meat

John is a character unlocked by holding the Book of Revelations and having a Cube of Meat level four. He is unique in that playing with this character will make the Horsemen appear more.

Unlockable ItemsEdit

  • Collect 10 spirit hearts and beat Mom's Heart/It Lives! with John in a single playthrough.

Foefire- Complete Cathedral with John. (And yes, that is a reference to Guild Wars)

Stride of the Forgotten- Complete Sheol with John.

Book of Seven Seals- Complete "the Womb 2" with John.

John's Quill- Complete "The Chest" with John.

Death's Scythe- Die 50 times with John.