Ultra Lust Edit

By ZangiefB

The Seven Deadly Ultra Sins are even farther evolved versions of the seven deadly sins. They are very rare and powerful. They even get their own music.


Ultra Lust. The upper jaw is lowered to decrease similarity with Super Lust.

Ultra Lust is a miniboss sometimes replacing Lust.


  • Chases the player at a very high speed, leaving red creep wherever she goes.
  • Stops and pounces toward the player (can jump over rocks) and creates a puddle of creep where she lands, and starts chasing the player again.
  • Stops to fire a red bomb that lays creep where it hits (similar to the ones fired by Mom's Heart) and starts chasing the player again.

On death, she will drop one of the following pickups:

  • Lustful Heart (See Fan Items)
  • 3-5 random heart pickups
  • The Nail (Very rare)