A haunch of green, rotten meat, with numerous flies on it.

Fly-Covered Meat (by ZangiefB)


Passive Item

Flavor Text

Tears down + Fly shot

In-Game Appearance

Flycoveredmeat visual

Found in

  • Secret room
  • Gold chests
  • Red chests


Decreases Tears by two.

Instead of firing tears, Isaac summons blue flies.

Counts as a Lord of the Flies item.

Synergies Edit

  • Monstro's Lung: Charged shot summons large amounts of flies
  • Soy Milk: Flies do much less damage, but can be summoned at a bewildering rate
  • Brimstone: Charged shot summons a large amount of flies that charge forward immediately
  • Ipecac: Flies are tinted green and explode on death
  • Lump of Coal: Flies are tinted black and deal more damage as they get farther away from Isaac.
  • Tammy's Head: Functions as an improved Guppy's Head (summons 8 blue flies)
  • The Parasite: Flies split into smaller flies on death
  • Cricket's Body: Flies shoot 4 very small tears in a + pattern on death
  • Spoon Bender: Flies fly into enemies more quickly
  • Technology/Technology 2: Isaac can still fire the laser while summoning flies
  • Status effect modifiers (common cold, mom's eyeshadow, etc): The flies gain the respecitve effect
  • Ludovico Technique: Isaac controls a swarm of flies, which spawns blue flies when it touches an enemy.
  • Mom's Knife: The knife, which appears as a green-tinted, fly-covered knife, creates flies when it deals damage.
  • Tiny Planet: Isaac's flies will orbit him more quickly and from a farther distance