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One of the mentioned new pieces of content in Rebirth is the addition of two new characters. I have some speculation as to what one of the two could very possibly be, based on the remake's name and a specific type of item present in the original Flash version.

  • The remake is titled Rebirth. It's a common theme in the Bible, especially with the death and revival of the savior Jesus Christ.
  • There are three items in the original The Binding of Isaac that all share the same base function: Reviving the player upon death. The 1UP, Dead Cat, and Ankh.
  • There is a specific character in the Bible, that was revived by Jesus Christ. Guess who that character is?

Lazarus. In the Bible, Lazarus was a man who was revived from the dead as a demonstration of Jesus's powers.

Lazarus very easily fits in with the remake's sub-title, along with that the original game has items that revive the player upon death. However, he would need to be very balanced if he is possibly the basis for one of the new characters. An activated item that revives the player upon death AND isn't temporary is incredibly broken and a horrendous idea.

LaDestitute (talk) 18:09, January 8, 2013 (UTC)