In my opinion, the pages got very complicated as many users cram boss/item/terrible ideas into their pages (sometimes so complex they can't be edited in visual mode). Take the boss page for example, last I checked there were more than 80 of them. To make things less confusing, I think that instead of pushing more and more ideas into already huge pages like a Japanese subway pusher, we should create ideas that live on their own pages instead of the monstrosity known as the Bosses/Items/Terrible Ideas/Etc pages. The 80+ ideas on the other pages will remain there. The page will be locked, and people will create subarticles in the category. For example, let's say you are making a boss. This is how you would name the page:

Bosses/(insert boss name here)

The same goes for XYZ.

This change would make the wiki much more organized, easy to add to, and also makes it easier to comment on. Before, people would leave comments by adding theirs to the bottom of the idea's section. This can be distracting. On independent pages, you can just type it in the comments section and leave it.

TL;DR: Make future fan ideas subarticles, lock original pages